The Most Beautiful Iran Tourist Villages
Shemshak spring view

Top 10 Iran Tourist Villages

Iran is a vast country with varied climatic conditions and different weather systems with mountain regions, desert terrains, forests, lakes, and seas which create many tourist villages in different corners.

Each tourist village is distinct from others regarding the climate, natural beauties, landscapes, plants, and geographical features, as well as the indigenous culture, architecture, traditions, and customs. The differences between Iran’s tourist villages are so amazing that you think you have traveled to a different country!

If you pay attention to the Iran map below, which is spotted with the locations of the villages, you will see the tourist villages are scattered in different provinces all over the country, and the visiting time of each one is different from the others.

With an astonishing variety of geographical and cultural distinctions, villages provide a wide variety of activities and tourist destinations in Iran for all adventure seekers and culture lovers who travel to Iran with special interests, from landscape photography or hiking on the off-the-beaten-path trails, to those who are into rural tourism and plan their trips based on sustainable tourism principles.

The villages on the highlands overlooking snow-capped peaks, in the desert oases with an extended desert landscape, or at the foothills of spectacular mountain forests offer ideal opportunities for trekking, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, photography, and most of all communicating with the hospitable local communities in the rural areas and Iran off-the-beaten paths.

Whether you are the kind of traveler bored with the common tourist hubs and in seek of some adventure in the less known attractions in a new destination, or a second-time visitor who already visited the Iran Classic Route and now plans for a deeper experience of the ancient Persia, we advise you to put Iran tourist villages on your bucket list.

Below are the top 10 Iran tourist villages you should put a couple of them in your travel to Iran for visit:

1. Abyaneh mountain village, Kashan (Spring & Autumn)


2. Kandovan mountain village, East Azerbaijan Province, (late Spring, Summer, and early Autumn)

Kandovan east Azarbaijan-Travel-Iran-Touristic-Village

3. Mesr & Farahzad desert Oases, Esfahan Province, (Spring and Autumn)


4. Chaho Village (Chahkooh Canyon), Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island (End of Autumn & Winter)


5. Masuleh forest-mountain village, Gilan Province (spring, Summer, and Autumn)


6. Howraman mountain villages, Kurdistan Province (spring & Autumn)

Iran Hawraman Holiday-Touristic-Village

7. Tiss village and beach, Chabahar port, Makran, Sistan and Baluchistan Province (End of autumn & Winter)


8. Alamut (Gazorkhan) mountain village, Alamut Valley, Qazvin Province (Spring, Summer, and Autumn)

Alamut Valley Trip

9. Ziarat village, Caspian Sea, Golestan Province (all year)

Ziarat Village-Tourist-Village-Iran

10. Shemshak & Darbandsar villages, Alborz Ski Region, Northern Tehran Province (all year for different activities)








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