Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is central to Adventure Iran’s core values and philosophy. We are in this business because we strongly believe that the only acceptable way to show our country is to follow the guidelines that are set and globally understood as parameters for this type of travel. Our interpretation of this concept and what we have chosen to focus on are as follows:
–   Training local people to be guides, hosts and assist in transportation duties. Making certain that they benefit directly from this business.
–   Support for local businesses in terms of purchasing supplies, using local drivers and transport personnel etc.
–   Preservation of the environment in terms of careful avoidance of plastics and disposable items. We do our best to educate the locals about these issues.
–   It is Company policy to learn about and respect the customs and culture of the different peoples and regions of the country so that they are not offended because of our activities.
–   Continuous research on the development of new routes and interesting and unknown locations that are not mentioned in any travel guidebooks. There are endless hidden gems in Iran that are little known or unknown to the outside world. By conducting tours in these areas we help the local economies to develop and grow. By bringing visitors we help to create new jobs and new opportunities in order for the youth to remain in their areas and not move to big cities.

–    We teach team work and team building skills to our personnel as well as to some of the locals. These skills are new to these people and they benefit greatly by realizing and experiencing the benefits of team work and helping each other to accomplish valuable goals.

It is crucial for us to show our guests where their money is spent and how many local people benefit from their visits and how much it means to them. It is at the core of our philosophy to do our best to show a true picture of Iran. We consider it our duty to constantly strive to become masters of the art of introducing our guests to the country.

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