Alborz Ski Region
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Alborz Ski Region in Iran

Iran embraces numerous ski resorts in different mountains of Alborz and Zagros. The most important Ski Resorts were built before the Islamic Revolution, during Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s ruling,  and they are still among the best in the country. Alborz mountain starts from the northwest of Iran near the Turkey border and stretches all the way in the south of the Caspian Sea toward the northeast of Iran near the Afghanistan border. Alborz district is divided into three sections, West Alborz, Central Alborz, and East Alborz Mountains. Central Alborz region has a lot of high-altitude peaks above 4000 m, and Mount Damavand, Iran’s highest peak with 5610 m, is located in this part as well. In central Alborz, there is a specific region called Alborz Ski Region that starts from Mount Tochal (3960m)- Tehran’s highest mountain- and stretches northward to Kolonbastak-Sarakchal ridge with a width of about 20 km. This region has 4 different ski areas that you can see on the map below. Moreover, some famous mountains outside of the ski area are the perfect place for off-piste skiing or Ski Touring.


Alborz Ski Region- Map


Ski Resorts in Alborz Ski Region in Iran:

  • Tochal Ski Resort

Tehran sits at the foot of Tochal mountain which has a ski resort on its heights. The peak altitude is 3960m and the highest point of the ski resort is 3850m. From the Velenjak neighborhood in the north of the capital Tehran, you will have access to the gondola which will take you up to 3700 m after three sections. From there you can take a lift to go to the highest point of the ski resort which is near the Tochal peak (3960m). The length of the gondola from the first to the last station is about 7.5 km which is one of the lengthiest in the world. During your ride on the gondola, you will enjoy an amazing view of the Capital city of Tehran and the other mountains surrounding it. From the peak, you will have a great view of high-altitude Alborz mountains like Mount Damavand (5610m), MT Kholeno(4375m), MT Kolonbastak (4160m), and MT Sarakckal (4210m).


At the last station, you will reach the Tochal Hotel which is one of the only high-altitude hotels in ski resorts in the world. The hotel has 30 rooms which are perfect for those who would like to ski for a couple of days. The hotel has a big restaurant as well. Another restaurant is located at the mid-station of the gondola.

Touchal highest ski resorts of the world


  • Shemshak Ski Resort

One of the other Alborz Ski Region pistes is Shemshak Ski Resort which is one of the oldest Iran ski resorts. It was made before the Islamic revolution and it has one of the most difficult slopes among Iran’s Pistes. The ski resort is located in Shemshak village which is about 60 km away from Tehran’s downtown. It takes one and half hours of driving through the mountain roads of Fasham to reach it. Shemshak village altitude is about 2600 m which is surrounded by a lot of high mountains. There is a Shemshak Tourist hotel inside the village which is perfect for those who would like to stay in the region for a few nights. Shemshak is a fancy region these days with wealthy Tehranians buying vacation homes there. Shemshak Ski Resort is located in Tehran province.


  • Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar is the third ski resort in Alborz Ski Region which is only 7 km from Shemshak. Darbansar was built in 1980 but the gondola and lift systems are the newest ones compared to other Iranian Ski Resorts. The piste is attached to Darbandsar village which is now converted into a town. There is no hotel or official lodging in this ski resort but there are a lot of private apartments or local houses available for stay. There are many ski shops at the entrance of the ski resort and you can rent your ski equipment as well. Darbandsar Ski Resort is located in Tehran province. For more information, please check the DARBANDSAR SKI RESORT link.


  • Dizin Ski Resort in Alborz Ski Region in Iran

Dizin is the biggest ski region of Alborz in Iran. It is the most famous Iranian Ski Resort and the fourth ski area in the Alborz Ski Region located in the heart of the Alborz Mountains. There are two different ways to reach the ski resort. The first is from the other ski region of Shemshak and Darbandsar which is from the Tehran side. The second way is from Alborz province which can be accessed from the northwest of the capital. From Shemshak there is a mountain road 15 km in length which takes about 30 minutes with access to the second gate of the piste which is a big parking area. The altitude of this parking area is 3300m from sea level. There are a couple of hotels in the Dizin area and ski shops, restaurants, and café shop facilities are available on the piste as well. For more information, please check the DIZIN SKI RESORT link.




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