Oraman (Uraman) Takht Village in Iran (UNESCO)

Oraman or Uraman-e Takht is the name of a village located in Hawraman in the Kurdish region of Iran.  The Cultural Landscape of Hawraman was registered in the list of Iranian UNESCO sites in July 2021. Hawraman is the name of the valley and mountain region located within the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in western Iran and the north-eastern Kurdistan Region in Iraq. The majority of the property of Hawraman is situated in Iran. Only a small northern part of this valley is located in Iraq. The Oraman village is one of the most exotic villages in Iran. It is 63 km away from the south of Marivan, Kurdistan Province, in Iran.

Cultural Landscape of Hawraman-Iranian Kurdistan


Uraman Architecture

The village stone houses are stair-like fashion, with beams covering the ceilings. Here, the roof of one house is the courtyard of the other. There are many other villages in Hawraman and other parts of Kurdistan with similar architecture. The following villages’ pictures present the traditional architecture of this region of Iran.

Oraman Village Landscape- UNESCO- Kurdistan Province- Iran Travel

Uraman Attractions

Oramanat Takht village is undoubtedly one of the attractive rural areas of Kurdestan. It is also among the Top 10 Iran Tourist Villages. The spectacular panoramic views of this area, like the rivers in the valley, are not the only attractions. Kurdish old traditions, such as Kurdish dance, traditional clothes, and customs are other attractions unique to the region. The annual performance of an ancient wonderful ceremony of Pir Shalyar put this village on the list of best Iran villages as well.

Kurdistan Landscape Photography -Iran

Ancient fire temples and remnants of this region indicate that the inhabitants were Zoroastrian before converting to Islam. The fertile lands here are full of walnut, pomegranate, fig, and mulberry trees. The tomb of Pir Shalyar (Peer Shahriar) is one of the creditable pilgrimage sites. It was a Zoroastrian celestial before the advent of Islam.

Uraman Takht Village, a Destination for Photography

Kurdistan, and especially the Hawraman region, is one of the best destinations in Iran for Travel Photography. Landscape and people photography is the most popular type of photography that you could enjoy in the Kurdistan region, which has totally different scenery from the other parts of Iran. Iranian Kurdistan Photography Tour is an Adventure Iran special interest tour.  We recommend it, especially, to those who would like to create an astonishing portfolio of  Iran’s Off the Beaten Track destinations.  Please check the Kurdistan Tourist highlight for getting more information about this historical and cultural region of Iran.

Iran Kurdish portrait Photography

Kurdish Festival of Pir Shaliar in Uraman Takht


Photography Travel to Iranian Kurdistan & Hawraman Valley


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