Iran Active Cultural Travels

We have had years of experience designing and operating numerous tours specifically for our partners and visitors to Iran. During this period we have collected their feedback on what is important for them. This information and knowledge has been distilled and processed into design of a class of tours that are different and innovative compared to anything else on offer. We have made particular efforts in making certain that our guests will have an unforgettable experience with fond memories of their journey to Iran. Along this line of thought we have created tours that not only cover the important sites mentioned in all the guide books, but take our guests to historical sites, hidden gems and out of the way villages and settlements that are definitely not in any guide book.
We have put a lot of effort in designing smart and efficient trip itineraries so that we can maximize the time spent on these tours for discovery and enjoyments.

Iran possesses 27 UNESCO registered world heritage sites and this puts the country among the top 10 in the world. Adventure Iran has gone to great effort to include as many as possible of these sites on all of our tours.


Museums are an important part of our tours and we visit quite a few specialized and interesting museums that are not on many itineraries. These museums are spread all over the country and include the National museum, the carpet museum, Royal jewelry museum, PersepolisSusa and burnt city museums. There are dozens more.

Traditional workshops and studios where a wide variety of Persian artistic handiworks are made are also part of the itinerary. A sampling of the handicraft workshops that we visit are carpet weaving, Persian style potteries, very fine decorative paintings on a variety of household plates etc., and many others that are explained in more details on individual trip itineraries.

Our know how as an adventure tour operator has taken us to numerous parts of Iran that regular tour operators never venture. So we know the country better than most and have discovered many interesting and fascinating locations, peoples and historical remains that have remained hidden to others. This puts us in a unique position, but more importantly offers us a special responsibility, which we have accepted and embraced.  Now that we have discovered all these places, we have to share them with as many travelers as we can, so that they will get a much broader and fuller impression of Iran.

So the practical result of the above is the creation of Active Cultural Journeys. These combine a historical and cultural tour with one choice of all the adventure activities that we offer. You can see what they are elsewhere on our site but for convenience we list them here as well: Trekking, Cycling, 4×4 Desert Safaris and Ski Touring.