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Iran Silk Road

Iran was known as Persia during the Silk Road period. It was the main ring of the chain from East to West. It was strategically placed for the Silk Road trade with several routes passing through Iran’s ancient and beautiful country.
Nowadays, Iran is no longer considered so famous for the Silk Road route compared to other central Asian countries. The Iranian tourism industry did not invest much time in marketing this interesting piece of history due to Iran being at the center of several difficult issues during the last 40 years. Despite this unfortunate drawback, Iran is firmly back on the map. Thanks to its attractiveness, and numerous ‘little-explored’ parts of this amazingly diverse country, there is so much to offer experienced travelers wishing to journey through Iran’s part of the Silk Road route which runs from China to Turkey.



One of the main highlights of the Iran Silk Road is seeing the many historical sites alongside this route. In Iran’s Silk Road, there are plenty of ancient castles, caravanserais, citadels, and mosques that date back over a thousand years. There are a huge number of caravanserais, a lot of which have been renovated as boutique hotels. In addition, there are numerous oases in use in the Deserts of Iran on the original path of the Silk Road. These areas are still inhabited. The names of a couple of them are mentioned in the books of Alfons Gabriel and Sven Hedin who crossed the Iran desert about 100 years ago. In the Iran Deserts article, we also recommended adventurous individuals should visit Iran’s deserts to enjoy the countless attractions on offer.

Iran has many caravanserais, many of which have been destroyed, and some of them still remain in their original form. Some of them have been renovated and have been used as Persian traditional hotels for tourists for years. PERSIAN CARAVANSERAI is on the list of UNESCO world heritage tentative sites of Iran.

The map shows the location of the Persian Caravanserais on the map of Iran.

Iran Caravanserai Map
The Persian Caravanserai of Iran


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