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Iran’s Top Tourist Destinations

Tehran (Capital of Iran)

Tehran Capital of Iran
Tehran Capital of Iran

Capital and largest city of Iran and Tehran Province in an area of 600sq. km. since 200 years, is located in the northern part of the country. Tehran is Iran’s administrative, economic, and cultural center as well as the major industrial and transportation center of the region. The city sits on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains at an elevation of about 1210 m., on the northwestern fringes of the Dasht-e Kevir, a desert in central Iran.



Kashan historical city

Kashan Historical City of Iran
Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Located in an altitude of 1,600 in. above sea level, Kashan is one of the main cities of Esfahan Province and a beautiful large oasis town on the Qom? Kerman road running along the western edge of the Great Desert, Kevir. It is 240 kin. to the south of Tehran and 220 kin. to the north of Esfahan, and can be reached via a first class highway, national road, or railway from Tehran and Isfahan. The town’s population …



Esfahan city

Esfahan City Heart of Iran
Si O Se Pol Bridge

Esfahan, with a population of 1, 159,102 (1992 census), is and has been the capital of the province of Isfahan since 900 years. The elevation of the city is 1,570 meters above sea level. Giving purity to the air under the brilliant blue sky and often violet-hued mountains. It is connected to Tehran by air (regular daily flights), rail and road. The most famous Persian description of the city of Esfahan is Isfahan nesf-e Jahan (Isfahan is half …



Yazd historical city (UNESCO)

Yazd Historical City
Amir Chakhmaq Complex

The city of Yazd’s first mention in historic records predate it back to around 3000 years BC when it was related to by the name of Ysatis, Yazd is said to be the ‘oldest living city in the world, and was then part of the domain of Medes, an ancient settler of Iran. In the course of history due to its distance from important capitals and its harsh natural surrounding, Its position on important trading routes and a …



Shiraz ancient city

Shiraz Ancient City of Iran
Persepolis – UNESCO Heritage Site

Shiraz (central south Iran) In the majority of these destinations it is an “All inclusive” deal, which means fully comprehensive insurance and NO DEDUCTIBLES.. We also have great deals on vans, goods and industrial vehicles all over the country. In addition we can also offer you cheap flight and hotel deals for your trips anywhere in Iran and always at the reasonable price.  A city in southwestern Iran and capital of Fars Province in the Zagros Mountains, Shiraz …



Kerman city

Kerman City of Iran
Shahzadeh Mahan Historical Garden

Kerman (central Iran) The capital of Kerman Province, located in an altitude of 1,860 m, above sea level and 1,062 km. To the south of Tehran, Kerman is a wonderful place. Unless one travels to Kerman by air, it seems a very long way from any other center of importance, no matter whether one approaches it from the northwest, the southwest or the southeast. The town is situated close to the wastes of Dashte Lut, from which it …



Tabriz city

Tabriz City of Iran
Grand Bazaar of Tabriz

Tabriz , Ardebil and Zanjan Lying at an altitude of 1 ,425 meters above sea level , 622 km. northwest of Tehran , provincial capital of East Azerbaijan , the second largest city in Iran until the late 1960’s and one of its former capitals (with a population of 1 ,305 ,000 according to 1996 census) , Tabriz is located in the 160 km. long Talkhehrud valley to the north of the long ridge of Mount Sahand. The …



Mashhad holy city

Mashhad Holy Shrine
Emam Reza Holy Shrine

Mashhad Center of Shiite pilgrimage, capital of Khorasan Province and also for a time of the whole of Iran, Mashhad is situated in an altitude of 970. in the Kashaf-rud valley , a tributary of Harlrud , between the Binalud and Hezar Masjid mountains in a rich agricultural region. For centuries, it has been an important trade center and junction point on caravan routes and highways from India to Iran and from north to south between Turkistan towns …



Hamadan city

Hamadan City of Iran
Mausoleum of Avicenna

A city in western Iran, located in a productive farming region. The capital of Hamadan Province, the city is known for the manufacture of rugs, leather trunks, ceramics, and copper ware. It is the center of the Iranian shellac and leather trade and is commercially important because of its position on the principal route between Baghdad and Tehran. The city of Hamadan has a number of bazaars and several mosques. Also in the city are two tombs of …