Golestan Province and Turkmen Plains Tourist Highlights
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Golestan Province Tourist Highlights

Turkmen Plains


Golestan province is one of the untraveled routes of Iran offering a wide range of attractions, activities, and tourist highlights. It is located in the northeast of the country, southeast of the Caspian Sea, and southern part of Turkmenistan country. Golestan means the land of flowers. The rural parts of this province are rich in flora and fauna, and you will be amazed at its variety of animal and plant species. In fact, Golestan province is one of the greenest parts of Iran.


Golestan Main Tourist Highlights


  • Golestan National Park

Golestan National Park is one of the tourist highlights of Golestan province which enjoys remarkable ecosystem diversity. There is a large variety of wildlife in the park, and a huge variety of birds live there. Golestan National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Iran. The park is a protected area managed by the Iranian Environmental Organization. Along with the natural attractions, there are many other historical and cultural attractions in Golestan province too. 

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  • Gonbad-e Qabus (UNESCO)

Gonbad-e Qabus also written Gonbad-e-Kavos is the tallest brick tower in the world registered on the list of Iranian UNESCO sites in 2012. It is a good example of historical highlights of Golestan province. This region used to be a part of the Ancient Silk Road many years ago, and there are still a few Iranian Caravanserais left in different parts of the province. 

Gonbad-e Qabus - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

  • Gorgan (the Provincial Capital)

Gorgan, the capital of Golestan province, embraces charming historical attractions as well. The remains of the old part of the town, as well as a few historical houses back to a few hundred years ago, located downtown, are worth visiting. A couple of them were renovated as boutique hotels which are proper for your accommodation in Gorgan. 



  • People and Turkmen Tribes

People are one of the most important cultural attractions of this region for those who are interested in anthropology and People photography. The region is home to different tribes. Turkmen people are the main ethnic group whose faces and clothes are different from the other groups of people living in this region. The traditional Turkmen houses and the way of their life are also among the highlights of the province. In addition, the Turkmen music and their famous musical instrument Dotar “Dutar” (meaning “two strings” in Persian) are other attractions of this region for those who are interested in arts. 

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  • Turkmen Horses

The horse is one of the major elements of Turkmen tribes. Turkmen Horse is the most famous Iranian horse race as well. Gonbad horse racing stadium located in Gonbad-e Kavos city is one of the main stadiums built before the Islamic revolution. A great number of people attend the horse racing matches in springs and autumns in this region. Watching horse racing would be one of the unforgettable experiences you could enjoy in this part of Iran. 


  • Active Travel and Adventure Activities

For those who are interested in adventure, long mountain trekking in Golestan could be one of the best active travels you could have in the Alborz mountains in the northern part of Iran. The province offers different regions for short and long trekking.

Jahan Nama Protected Area, Golestan National Park, and Turkmen plain are the most famous regions for trekking in the province. The Red Snake wall and Turkmen Plain is one of the Adventure Iran trekking tours developed for this province.

Jahan Nama National park Golestan Province

Mountain Biking is another activity you could experience in Golestan. Passing through the mountains and canyons with scenic sceneries of forests and rural regions in the province is amazing. The green Turkmen Plain and yellow fields are so exhilarating for cycling as well. The coast of the Caspian Sea would be another spectacular place for cycling in Golestan province. 

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Iran Travel Tour

For those who are interested in wildlife, Golestan National Park is highly recommended. Rabbit, tiger, golden eagle, wolf, fox, panther, bear, sable wild cat, wild goat, wild pig (bore), gazelle, ram, deer, venison, kinds of snake, kinds of fish, black dall, delijeh, and pray birds are the most prominent animals in the Park. 

For those who are interested in bird watching, Miankaleh and Ashoor Deh are the best places to find their desired birds. 

Horseback riding is another unique activity that you could enjoy in Golestan province in Iran. 

Horseback Riding Kandelus village caspian sea Iran


  • Photography in Turkmen Plain

If you are a photographer or interested in Photography Trip in Iran, Turkmen plain in Golestan province is one of the destinations that provide you with a good portfolio for landscape and portrait photography. The combination of green, brown, and yellow fields makes a spectacular scenery for nature photography in Iran.  

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  • Travel Time and Best Season

Spring and autumn are the best travel time you could visit Golestan Province. Spring in this part of the country starts earlier. March and April is the best time for those who are interested in cultural exploration or soft adventure. If you would like to have trekking or mountain biking, April and May in spring and September and October in autumn are the best months for traveling. 

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Iranian Turkmen Tribes and Golestan Photography Tour


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