Artistic & Cultural Programs

Alongside performing our specialized tours, Adventure Iran has an artistic & cultural side which is part of our passion in introducing Persian rich history.  We feel Iran is much bigger than a travel destination and visiting sightseeing. In our 17 years of experience, we have witnessed travelers enjoying Persian’s many faces of art such as music, performances and fine arts which have not been introduced to the world properly. As a drop from this vast ocean, we are also interested in contributing to the introduction of Iranian arts and culture, and in this regard, we will have projects and collaborations with our friends, colleagues and communication networks around the world.

Thanks to our strong network around the country and due to our vast journeys, Adventure Iran is capable of connecting travelers with people in different domains of art in Iran. Our activities include, (but not limited to), inviting ethnic musical groups to perform in historic sight such as Bampour Castle in Sistan and Baluchistan, distributing music CDs outside Iran and at times holding exhibitions to introduce Iran’s fine cuisine.

We would be glad to receive your inquires concerning your interest in the subject of art and culture .