Backpacking -IRAN What to Bring equipments & gears List

Outdoor & Camping Rental Equipment Service

We have noticed that many of our clients and travelers who come to Iran, are in need of various types of camping equipment. To bring a lot of bulky material is not practical these days and therefore to help and assist with their needs, we have made an effort to provide necessary equipment for all regular camping needs.

Camping equipment rentals are as follows:

Tents: We offer 1-3 person 2-layered water proof tents with ground sheets. These tents are suitable for spring, summer, up to mid-autumn conditions for the mountains. They are not expedition tents. For example Adventure Iran has used these tents for spring and summer ascents of Mt. Damavand up to camp 3 (4200 meters above sea-level). The tents can handle some adverse conditions and regular rain, but not gale winds and heavy downpours or snowfall. For deserts these tents are suitable all year long.

Sleeping Bags: 2 types of synthetic down bags. The first are light bags suitable for summer and warmer days in spring and autumn. They are rated for 10° C comfort. The other types are heavier and are rated for up to 0° C. These are suitable for spring and autumn conditions in the mountains. Again in deserts you can use them all year long. In addition we offer sleeping mats.

Cooking gear: These include stoves, cooking pots and pans, plates, utensils and miscellaneous items for cooking and eating. We also rent separate gas canisters for those who have brought their own stoves.

Other relevant equipment: Woolen hats, Walking sticks, gloves, gators, rain cover and general purpose mountaineering crampons. Please note we do not rent specialized equipment like ice climbing crampons, or rock climbing gear of any sort.

If you prefer not to bring your own equipment to Iran, we can offer you the opportunity to rent them at a competative price to reduce the hassle of hauling them back and forth. Please note that the price of rented equipment should be paid in cash at our office when you arrive.

Hours of Operation:
Saturday – Wednesday   9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

We are located in Outside of Tehran at:
Unit 1, 1st Floor, No 688, Najar Kala,  Imam Khomeini Blvd, LAVASAN,  TEHRAN 3341768801 IRAN

Please send your inquiry in advance.

Equipment Rental Prices
( All rentals require a deposit.)

Camping Equipment:

ItemFirst Day(Per Day)Additional Days
Backpack – Day pack€4€3
Backpack – Climbing pack€6€4
Backpack – Multiday pack€8€5
Cook Set€4€3
Sleeping Bag(Small)€6€4
Sleeping Bag(Big)€8€6
Sleeping Pad – Foam€2€1
Sleeping Pad – Inflatable€4€2
Tent – 3 season, 2 person€7€5
Tent – 3 season, 3 person€9€7
Tent – 3 season, 5 person€11€9
Tent – 4 season, 3 person€13€11
Tent – Tarp€10€5
Water Cooler€5€3
Expedition Tent€25€20

Mountain Biking:


Up to

5 days







Cross country Mountain Bike (includes helmet)€95€135€165€195
Helmet only€10€15€20€25

Rock Climbing:

ItemFirst DayAdditional Days
Chalk Bag€5€3
Climbing Shoes€10€5
Crash Pad€10€5

Winter Travel:

ItemFirst DayAdditional Days
Avalanche Beacon€15€10
Avalanche Probe€7€4
Avalanche Shovel€3€2
Backcountry Ski Package€15€10
Backcountry Ski Deluxe Package€25€15
Backcountry Boots only€8€6
Backcountry Skis only€12€8
Cross-Country Ski Package€10€5
Cross-Country Boots only€6€4
Cross-Country Skis only€8€4
Ice Axe€5€3
Ski Kicker Skins€10€5
Snowshoe Package€10€5
Snowshoes only€8€4
Trekking/Ski Poles€3€2

Note: The rental gears and equipment of this page may not be up to date. Sometime the logistic department of the company has added accessories to our inventory list while our software department has not yet updated on the website. If you are looking for a camping or outdoor equipment that is not in the list above, please contact us!

Equipment Liability Statement and Policy:

  • It is recommended that equipment be inspected by renter for condition.
  • It is the renters obligation to contain the proper knowledge on equipment being rented.
  • Renter agrees to pay for any damage, loss, cleaning or late fees accrued while equipment is being rented.
  • All equipment must be returned at the end of tour.
  • Depending upon the price of the equipment, the deposit will vary.