The Best Iran Off the Beaten Track Villages
Palangan Village-Haeraman-Uramanat -Iranian Kurdistan

The best Off the Beaten Track Villages of Iran

Iran has 27 UNESCO registered world heritage sites (till 2023) and it is the 10th country in the world with the most UNESCO sites on the list, but it is still an unknown destination for the world compared to the other touristic countries. As you know, Iran is a 4 seasons country with a long list of untraveled and unknown routes in different region of the country. So for this list, we have chosen different villages from varied climates in the country. From Alborz and Zagros mountains to Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf to forest and desert regions there are many terrains to visit. Below are the 10 Off the Beaten Track villages you should visit on you trip to Iran.

1. Makhunik desert village, South Khorasan province

(Best Travel Time : Autumn, Winter and early spring)

Makhunik Iran’s ancient village of dwarves- South Khorasan



2. Darak coast-village, Sistan and Baluchistan province

(Best Travel Time : Winter)

Darak Beach-Desert Sea view -Iranian Baluchistan



3. Kandelus forest-mountain village, Mazandaran province

(Best Travel Time: Spring, summer and Autumn)

Iran unexplore destination



4. Shahdad desert oasis, Kerman province, Dasht-e Lut Desert

(Best Travel Time: Autumn and Winter)

Esfahan village



5.  Laft Village (port), Qeshm Island

(Best Travel Time: late autumn, Winter and early Spring)

Qeshm island-Persian Gulf-IRAN



6. Qaleh-ye Bala (Qalebala) mountain village, Semnan Province

(Best Travel Time: Spring and Autumn)

Qale Bala Village-Touran National Park



7. Miankaleh peninsula & Ashooradeh Island, Mazandaran Province

(Best Travel Time: Spring, Autumn and Winter)

Ashuradeh - Mian Kaleh wetland-Gorgan Golestan



8. Sar Agha Seyed nomad mountain village, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province

(Best Travel Time: Spring and summer)

Sare Agha Seid Nomadic Village- Bakhtiari Nomadic Land



9. Esfahak oasis village, South Khorasan Province

(Best Travel Time: Spring and Autumn)

Esfahak Oasis Dasht-e Kavir Iran Off the beaten track



10.Lahijan tea plantation region, Gilan Province, Caspian Sea

(Best Travel Time: Spring, Summer and Autumn)

Lahijan-Caspian Sea-Iran-Agrotourism



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