Iran 4×4 Desert Safari

Iran is well known for her deserts and there is good reason for that. Iranian deserts are one of the most beautiful and varied deserts in the world.
There are 2 large and separate desert systems and in many ways quite different from each other. Dasht-e Kavir desert also known as the central desert (Kavir-e Markazi) is in north- central part of Iran with 800 km length and 500 km width, total surface area of about 77,600 km².  Dasht-e Lut desert (Kavir-e Lut) is the other desert system located in south east of the country with 480 km length and 320 km width registered on the list of UNESCO heritage site in 2016. One can still find people who live a relatively traditional life with extremely modest facilities, making their living mostly off the land. Some even have no electricity, but they like it and is a personal choice.  This is becoming an increasing rare phenomenon in the world.
The famed Silk Road of course crossed a good portion of these deserts going from east to west.  As a result one can visit and explore a lot of these historical landmarks like castles, caravanserais, old mosques, Zoroastrian fire temples and historical villages. There are still some camels around. Although they have lost their main purpose for carrying people and goods through the water-less landscape, they are still part of the eco system and many desert dwelling rural people like to keep a few. So you can definitely choose to ride them if you wish.


There are a few protected areas and surprisingly, a variety of wild life dwell in these lands. During the short spring, a carpet of wild desert flowers cover portions of the land. Migratory birds fly over in certain times of year and in the right season one can see some spectacular bird movement across the sky.
Dasht-e Lut is one of the driest and hottest places on the planet. Lut desert contains salt lakes, extreme landscapes, gigantic rock formations and some of the tallest sand dunes in the world.
There is flexibility and a variety of choices which we offer for those passionate about a desert sojourn. In both locations, you can join short or long 10-day trekking tours offered by Adventure Iran. There is also cycling through oases and villages deep in the heart of the desert. Safaris using 4×4 vehicles is the next option for those looking for easier sightseeing opportunities, as well as epic expedition style, thorough coverage of much more ground up to comprehensive journey through both deserts.
The best time to come depends on where you would like to visit and which type of activities you would like to do. In general, March to May and October to November are best times to visit Dasht-e Kavir. October to April is the season for Dasht-e Lut, although the prime time for this desert is November and December. In each season, Adventure Iran has a few small group tours with fixed departure dates for active desert adventure tours and you can join them or ask us your desired date for your private tour.

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