This site and its varied contents would have been impossible to create in its present incarnation without the help and care of the following people. We would like to acknowledge their great spirit and endless generosity. We offer our gratitude to all these wonderful people for giving their time, their ideas, their gifts and talents for this collective effort. We are truly grateful to every single one of these special friends and colleagues.

The following Talented photographers have generously offered their works to be used on our site:
Ms. Maryam Sepehry
Mr. Kiomars Babaee Fard
Mr. Esi Rezaee
Mr. Ali Hashemi
Mr. Ali Reza Alizadeh
Mr. Nader Jalinoos

Web Site
The Site design and implementation was created by the following for each category

Graphic Design:
Ms. Asma Armand
Mr. Mehrdad Kashtiara
Mr. Reza Ordoobaadi

Web Design:
Mr. Farshid Abdi
Mr. Mohammad Eskenasi
Ms. Farnaz Fajrak

Web Development:
Mr. Farshid Abdi
Mr. Salman Amini Raof
Mr. Morteza Sead Ahmad Pour
Mr. Mohamad Eskenasi

Documentation and English Translation:
Ms. Susan North
Mr. Nader Jalinoos
Dr. Ramin Golaam-Houssein Zadeh
Ms. Shirin Abtahi
Ms. Mira Sepehrband
Mr. Bahram Semsarzadeh

Multimedia Development:
Sohrab Shahmohammadi
Ms. Farnaz Fajrak
Mr. Reza Ordoobaadi