Activity Level

(Adventure Iran Trip Physical Rating & Difficulty)

In order to give you an indication of the difficulty of our trips, we have graded our adventures into four categories: Easy[1]Moderate[2]Challenging[3] and Strenuous[4]. We take many factors into consideration in these grading, including distances covered, terrain, altitude, weather conditions and vehicle support.

Please keep in mind that, in addition to the mountain region, this rating includes our trips to desert and sometimes forest terrains. All the “Activity Level” that we are mentioned on each travel itinerary are considered the “Best Season” of each trip. In most cases of season changes, the level of difficulty of the trip may increase, and you have to be prepared and well-equipped. Please consult our technical experts if you have any questions.

Iran Trekking Trips
Iran Trekking Trips


Activity Level for trekking

1- Easy: Iran Tour Physical Rating easySuitable for most people in good health. These trips generally include short days with around 3–4 hours of activity on good paths and at low altitudes.


2-Moderate: Iran Tour Physical RatingA reasonable level of fitness is required, as these trips can require sustained endurance levels, hills, longer days of approximately 6-7 hours of activity and higher altitudes.


3-Challenging: Iran Tour Physical Rating challengingThese trips are physically demanding and best suited for strong people with a high endurance level. Days can be long around 8-9 hours of activity, often at high altitudes, in remote regions and sometimes without a support vehicle nearby. Travellers may be required to carry a backpack. (Most of Iran’s peaks between 3000-4000 m have challenging levels in our grade system.)

4-Strenuous: Physical RatingTravellers booking strenuous trips should expect long days of 9 or more hours of physical activity, remote mountainous regions, steep ascents and descents, high altitudes above 4000 meters and cold temperatures. Good physical conditions and considerable endurance levels are necessary. A doctor’s release is required for travelers at 60 and older. (The majority of Iran’s peaks above 4000 m have strenuous levels in our grade system.)




Activity Level for Cycling (Mountain Biking)

All Adventure Iran cycling trips are graded to help you to find your right tours according to your fitness level and ability. We divide as a four level of difficulty. It’s from ‘Easy[1]’ through ‘Moderate[2]’ and ‘Challenging[3]’ to ‘Strenuous[4]’ level.  Our grading system takes into account the daily cycling distance, as well as the terrain, the altitude and the amount of ascent. For a more detailed day-by-day description of the routs, along with picture galleries, please check the detailed information of each tour. Also in each tour we explain about the route, the terrain and the bike, as well as approximately daily distance.

Iran Mountain Biking Tours
Iran Mountain Biking Tours

Please check out the following meaning of each level for choosing your trip. If you’re still having doubts or you are struggling to figure out where you fit on the scale, please do feel free to give us.

 1-Easy: Iran Tour Physical Rating easyThis level is proper for who can ride a bike or for those new to mountain biking or who do not have a high level of fitness. Easy level is a combination of on road and off road routes. The distances are between 20-40 kms per day. This is planned for people who enjoy a gentle exercise or short rides mainly on a flat terrain. As there are no routes entirely flat, so expect to experience some short ascents and descents for this level.

2-Moderate: Iran Tour Physical RatingIf you are seeking a medium level ride on trails and off roads, this is suitable for you. You need to have a reasonable of fitness for this level. The route will come with climbs and descents. There is no difficult technical section for this level. Approximately distance would be between 40-60 kms per day.

3-Challenging: Iran Tour Physical Rating challengingThis level is proper for regular mountain bikers who have experience of cycling on off road routes. This level requires a good physical condition and previous mountain biking experience. Riding on the dirt road or maybe single trail is the features of this level. You will face a lot of climbs and decent on the routes. Average daily distance is between 50-80 kms.

4-Strenuous:Iran Tour Physical Rating strenuous This level suit for the professional cyclist with high level of fitness and a previous experience of mountain biking in order to cope with rough paths and long distance. Rides include high-level technical sections on a single trail or steep routes with high level of downhill technic are required. Average distances is 50-100 kms per day.