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Turkmen Sahra -Iran Portrait Photography Tour

Travel to Iran for Photography in Turkmen Plains

Iran offers plenty of unexplored regions which are perfect for photographers who would like to travel to Iran for photography, and Iranian Turkmen regions and especially Golestan province is one of them.  The Turkmen region of Iran is a part of Golestan province which is located in northeastern Iran in the south of Turkmenistan country.

Turkmens speak the Turkic language and they have different sub-branch tribes speaking different dialects. Turkmen people live in different countries of Turkmenistan, northeast Iran, northeastern and northwestern Afghanistan, and neighboring parts of Central Asia. Their population is about 6 million at the beginning of the 21st century and about one-third of the total population lives in Iran.

TurkmenSahra Landscape Photography Iran


Turkmen Sahra is the name of the Turkmen territory of Golestan province which is an ideal destination for those who travel to Iran for photography. The most important cities of Turkmen Sahra is Gonbad, Aqqala, Kalaleh, Maraveh Tappeh, Gomishan, and Bandar Torkaman. There are many important reasons that attract travel photographers to travel to this part of Iran. Here are some of the main ones.


Climate and Weather of Golestan

The territory of Turkmenistan reminds us of arid weather while the Turkmen region of Iran has a different climatic condition. The climate of this region is affected by the Caspian Sea weather system from the west, surrounded by the eastern part of the Alborz Mountain range from the south and east, and connected to the arid weather of Turkmenistan in the north. In addition, the dense Hyrcanian forests (UNESCO) in the southern part of Golestan, between the plain in the north and the Alborz Range in the south, have provided favorable weather for traveling to this strategic point in Iran. The pleasant weather of this region enables a longer travel season time for your photography trip compared with other Turkmen regions of other countries. It also provides good weather conditions for your photography in Golestan Province.

Landscape Photography in Turkmen Plain


Travel to Iran for Photography in Special Landscape of Golestan

Another main reason that makes this region so special is due to its varied Landscapes of mountains, dense forests, sea, plains, and multi-color hills. In some parts of Turkmen Sahra, you will be surprised by a couple of different kinds of landscapes in just one frame of the photograph. It makes a fabulous photo of the area displaying a combination of various colors. Jahan Nama protected region and Golestan National Park are the two good examples of this climate. Depending on your travel time and length of your trip to Golestan, you will see different colors of nature. The photos that you have seen in the photo gallery of Turkmen Plain on our website mostly depict the spring season.

Landscape Photography in Turkmen Sahra Plain


Travel to Iran for Portrait Photography

One of the main reasons many Photographers travel to this region is the people. Turkmen people have different tribes and some of them have different clothes and faces living in various regions of this area. If you check our Turkmen Photo Gallery, you can recognize the different faces of the tribes. The old generation of men still wear their own costumes and most of the women wear their own colorful clothes. At their ceremonies or wedding parties, the ladies’ dresses are so eye-catching. The men are happy to be asked for a picture. But taking pictures of women is not that much easy. Some elderly people can’t speak Persian which makes communication more difficult. To attend their ceremonies in some regions, Adventure Iran uses a local guide in addition to the main tour guide for the photography trip.


Turkmen Horses

Turkmen Horses written as Turkoman Horses are one of the special parts of your photography tour in the Iranian Turkmen region which you can’t find somewhere else. The horse is one of the most important elements of the Turkmen people’s lives. In a couple of cities such as Gonbad and Aqqala, there is a horse racing stadium. It is one of the hobbies of the locals to attend the race which is so interesting. There are many horse breeding centers all over Turkman Sahra. Traveling through the valleys, you will see the different types of horses on the plain. Moreover, there is an annual beauty horse festival in the region which is very spectacular for photography. Depending on the interests of our guests and their travel time, we sometimes arrange and include it on our travel itineraries. The photo gallery of horse racing and horse beauty festival will give you a better picture of those events.

Turkmen Lifestyle Photography

Besides the abovementioned types of photography, the lifestyle of the Turkmen provides another subject for your image. The shepherds in the fields with sheep and goats, the women working in the agricultural regions, the open-air local market, the locals living in remote rural districts, and the traditional bazaars are the best places for taking very special pictures on your photography trip in Golestan province in the northeast of Iran.

Traditional Turkmen Tent


The Turkmen Daggers Dance

Turkmen have different customs and celebrations. One of the most famous ones is Daggers Dance. They wear their traditional clothes along with daggers in their hands, making a circle to perform their special dance. They have been performing this traditional dance for many years.

Iranian Turkmen Daggers Dance


Travel Time and Photography Tour

Spring and autumn are the best travel time to explore Golestan province for a photography tour. Turkmen Tribes and Golestan Photography Tour is an intensive journey that Adventure Iran recommends for this part of Iran. If you have a special interest in various types of photography, we can customize your photography trip with our experts. Please get in touch!

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