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Adventure Iran is one of the first Iranian tour operators that focused on trekking trips of varying lengths and difficulty in all important regions of Iran. We have been doing this since 2006. During this time, we have performed several hundred trekking trips and have accumulated a vast knowledge and experience on how to do these trips in the best possible way. Through feedback from our customers (many of whom have returned for second and even third trips) we have fine-tuned these Iran trekking trips so that our new customers could have even better and more fulfilling experiences visiting the country.
Today Adventure Iran offers a large number of different customized trekking trips for small groups. From day trips to 10 day expeditions, we have tried to cover all our customers’ needs. We offer a wide range of treks with different Activity Level. From moderate, to quite strenuous levels suitable for advanced trekkers.

Trekking regions of Iran

Iran is a large country with a surprising variety of terrains and climate. There are 2 major mountain ranges. Alborz range (900 km) which stretches west to east in the northern part of the country. Tehran the capital, is situated in the plains by the side of the southern front of this range. In addition we have the Zagros range (1600 km) which stretches North West to south of the country. There are also 2 vast deserts: Dasht-e Kavir desert 77,600 km² (30,000 mi²) and Dasht-e Lut desert km² (20,000 mi²). In addition, surprisingly a lot of forests, mostly in the mountainous regions. There are also 2 huge coastal regions. The Caspian coast in the north, and the Persian Gulf in the south including a few very interesting islands.

Type of tours that Adventure Iran operates

Depending on the region, some of the treks are designed in such a way to cross rarely travelled areas that are picked and chosen through a lot of research and work on our part.  Our guests normally spend the night in picturesque and isolated villages in a local house. We also make sure that our guests enjoy local Persian home cooking provided by the host family. Particular attention is given to the fact that these trips are not strictly a physical exercise and travel through a landscape. Adventure Iran takes you through remote villages so that you can interact with locals. Iranians are hospitable people and don’t be surprised if you get a lot of invitations to visit someone’s house and share a meal with them.
The desert treks go through oases and remote caravanserais.  National Parks and protected areas are covered. You will have many opportunities for interacting with local communities and there is always a good chance of connecting and socializing with them; and therefore experiencing their way of life, their food and their customs.
More conventional types of treks in better known regions of the country are also covered. For example the cone shaped 5610 meter Mt. Damavand is fairly well known. It is the highest peak in the country and indeed very beautiful. We offer treks to the summit as well as the region surrounding it.

The best season or time of year to come to Iran

We get this question a lot. To clarify, the answer is difficult and varied because as you travel through the country from north to south, the climate and temperature dramatically change. One thing for sure, Iran unlike many countries does not have a high and low season. Depending on the terrain, region, trip length and level of difficulty; trips could be made all year long.
Because of Iran’s unique climatic conditions and geographical location, at any given time of year there could be 3 widely different temperature readings for different regions in the same day. We are therefore, capable of operating many of our tours in two or even three seasons in similar surroundings but different regions of the country and different time of year.
The key point is that the terrain, Climate and landscape in each region are different. This unique feature of the country enables us to offer our special trekking trips in all 4 seasons and each season offers different climatic conditions. For example, you can come during the winter to Iran and choose a heavy winter trek through snowbound peaks, or we can take you to the desert with very pleasant temperatures, or we can even extend the same trip and take you somewhere warm in the Persian Gulf; where you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand. There is even a very exotic option of trekking in one of the islands in the Persian Gulf.
But in general, April and May are the 2 best months for moderate mountain treks in the 2000-3000 meters altitude range and up to 4000 meters for the more challenging ones. June-September are the best months for those looking for summiting above 4000 meters peaks. October and November are perfect for trails and mountains lower than 4000 meters. In the winter between December-March, south of Iran is the ideal destination for trails in the mountains lower than 1500 meters.
For desert regions we offer 2 time slots in any given year: between March-May, and September-November.

What to bring

This depends on a variety of factors: The season, the physical grade of the trek and the region in which the trek is conducted. We have a list of “what to bring will all indicate what type of clothing and equipment to bring. We have a list of “what to bring” for each one of our trekking tours. After booking a tour, you will receive a detailed itinerary of the trip along with a list of personal gear and clothing items recommended by Adventure Iran.

Equipment provided by us

Adventure Iran provides all camping gears, tents and eating utensils. We also provide normal sleeping bags (comfort +10 °C), mattresses and camping pillows for all of our moderate treks. Some of our summit tours which climb peaks over 4000 m, or if you come early spring or late autumn which all face low temperature conditions, would need more specialized gear. This means that you will need to bring your own sleeping bags and other appropriate gear. For details, please contact us.

Baggage Transfer

Regarding baggage handling, we carry your heavy packs from day to day. All you need is a day pack for personal items. It is highly recommended for all our clients to bring large duffel bags and/or backpack/rucksacks and not regular suitcases.

Guides and Group Size

We have experienced English speaking guides who have worked with us for many years and have excellent knowledge of the regions that they work in. Depending on the region and the number of people we may use a local guide to assist with part of a trip.
Our trekking tours are designed for small groups between 4 to maximum of 15 people. For a few special regions or expedition type trips, we reduce the maximum number to 12 or even less depending on the level of difficulty. Please check with us for details.

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