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Adventure Iran Off the Beaten Track

Iran is still a relatively unknown destination for most travelers. Furthermore the majority of visitors to Iran stick to a few tried and true routes promoted by most tour companies and highlighted in all of the guide books. Consequently an enormous amount of fascinating locations and attractive itineraries have remained unvisited and ignored.
We at Adventure Iran have made it our mission to change the situation. A lot of years of considerable research, field knowledge and making connections and creating friendships with numerous indigenous people of the far off provinces has enabled us to offer these new and innovative journeys.
In the North West part of Iran known as Azerbaijan provinces we offer cultural/historical tours covering the unique Azeri culture, architecture, cuisine and visitation to many important historical sites. For this region we offer Azeri counties in north-west Iran – Extension tour
Iranian Kurdestan is a mountainous region with a very old human settlement history and distinct way of life. There are historical sites and unique villages with their own architecture. Bazaars with local handicrafts and many other attractions. We offer Travel to Kurdish lands of Iran. It covers aspects of anthropology and the ecology of this region.
The province of Sistan and Baluchestan in the south-east part of the country is perhaps the remotest region. Here you can see truly unusual landscapes, tribal people with their own way of life and the remains of 7000 year old settlements. We offer Sistan civilization, Lut desert & Zahedan. This a pioneering journey for our guests since this region is barely visited by foreign visitors.

In The South there is Hormozgan province stretching hundreds of miles along the Persian Gulf coast and including a few truly fascinating islands. The coastal region stretches to Baluchestan province and contains truly amazing mountain vistas which have been compared to Martian landscapes. You can sample this area with Baluchestan, Chabahar & Indian Ocean coastal trip.
As part of our off the beaten track tours we can create special purpose trips upon request. Sometimes the requests are so successful that they become part of our regular offers. We have operated a couple of cuisine tours with rave reviews and planning to integrate these as part of our standard tours.