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Ski Touring Adventures in Iran

Iran is endowed with large and separate mountain ranges. The Alborz and Zagros mountains are excellent destinations for skiers. We offer a variety of trips from December to May. Tours are offered for all abilities and levels of difficulty.
All trips are led by our highly professional ski touring guides.

In Central Alborz Mountains, north of the capital, we offer back country skiing around Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts. These are offered from January to March. For proficient skiers we offer our famous ski ascent and descent to Mt. Damavand (5610 m), the highest volcanic peak in Asia which is available from March to May.
The next interesting example of ski touring in the Alborz range is Mt Alam Kooh (4850 m) ski touring. This beautiful peak is situated in the western part of Alborz, south of the Caspian Sea. Due to harsh inaccessible winters we run it from April to early June with plenty of snow and excellent weather. Both of these are close enough to Tehran, so guests can accomplish them by flying in and out of the Capital.

Further afield in the Zagros range, for those who prefer more remote locations we offer a couple of interesting trips. Zard Kooh mountain chain which is a sub-range of Zagros, offers excellent skiing. This one is run from December to February. The location is in the west of Iran and accessible from Isfahan International airport, plus 3-4 hours driving time to reach the location. Mount Zard Kooh ski touring

Iran Ski Touring
Iran Ski Touring

Throughout the winter months stretching to early spring, we have plenty of good options for combining your ski trip with other attractions. We have a few prepared itineraries like combination with Dasht-e Kavir desert which is a combination of visiting Iran’s historic cities like Kashan or Isfahan, and skiing.

A different option for those who would like to combine a cold weather activity with warm waters and the sea, we offer Persian Gulf beach trip, after your ski touring exertions.
For our partners, we have created many tailor-made special itinerary trips. Interested tour operators please contact us. We love to work with professionals with new creative ideas about innovative trips.

Please note: In Iran one cannot find Ski Touring equipment for rent. Regular skis and snowboards are available around ski resorts, however for back country skis you are on your own. So please bring all the gear and equipment necessary for a successful and enjoyable ski touring adventure.




Powder Skiing near the resort of Dizin

Deep powder skiing in the best part of Central Alborz Mountains around Dizin Ski resort
8 Days

Alborz Range Ski Mountaineering

Ski touring holiday in off the beaten track and ascent the best high peaks of Central Alborz mountains with skis
8 Days

Zard Kuh Ski touring

Ski Touring in one of the best mountains of Iran for powder skiing and ascend Mt Zardkuh with skis
7 Days

Mt. Alam Kuh and Damavand Ski Touring

Custom-made strenuous ski holiday adventures and ascend the two most challenging Iran’s highest peaks with skis
10 Days


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