Adventure Iran is an Iranian Tour Operator since 2006.  We are in partnership with a variety of tour operators around the globe collaborating in planning detailed trips dealing with their clients’ interests and requirements. We are an adventure travel operator specialized in active tours and special interest journeys. For people who would like to experience something different. The company’s founders ‎have had a varied mix of international travel experiences in this field as well as working for tour operators as guides and back office management. Over the years we have added many outstanding individuals to the company

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31 Jan 2019
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More About Us

The Team

Adventure Iran Company, a team of well-trained and experienced personnel, started this company when Iran starts to became known as a trekking paradise....

Adventure Iran Philosophy

EXPERIENCE is more important than the destination!

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is central to Adventure Iran’s core values and philosophy.

Experienced guides

Adventure Iran is proud of working with well-trained tour guides who have a solid background and specialized knowledge about activity based adventure travel

Trip Types

Trekking, Mountain Biking, Ski Touring, Active Cultural, Desert Adventures and Safari

Adventure Iran’s Specialty

Adventure Iran’s founders are lifetime avid travelers both internationally but more importantly throughout the length and breadth of Iran.

Our Partners

We have a multitude of businesses working with us to make Iran's tourism industry more successful