Adventure Iran Trip Style

We specialize in the following main adventure activities: TrekkingMountain Biking ToursSki Touring and 4×4 Desert Safari Tours. The company also offers Active Cultural journeys which is a combination of important cultural/historical spots and an activity depending on the region; and off the beaten path tours that are cultural/historical trips to unknown corners of Iran.
In addition we organize a number of special interest tours upon request. We assess the request and decide whether we can operate the tour according to our standards of excellence or not. In the recent past we have organized a number of specific tours. For example we have had a number of journeys that followed the migration route of a nomadic tribe. Our guests traveled with the members of the tribe and saw and felt their way of life. Another example is a culinary tour, covering several towns each specializing in specific and important aspects of Persian cuisine.
A crucial point about all of our adventure tours: We have a trip rating system which is called the Activity Level where it is detailed. It is clearly understood that people come in all fitness levels so we have graded our trips accordingly. There are 4 levels: Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Strenuous. In this manner there is something to suit the needs of all active people.
Adventure Iran is the founder and innovator of long-duration trekking expeditions in the country. These expeditions generally could include high altitude trekking, mountain ridgeline walking, crossing through major mountain ranges and spending the nights at villages which exist in these remote locations. For example we have had expeditions going through the Talesh nomadic region in north-west area of the Alborz range (in northern Iran), Trekking through the territory of the Bakhtiari nomadic tribe in the Zagros mountain range (western Iran), and long distance trekking through the protected areas of Dena mountain chain (part Zagros) which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve or Lar National Park. These expeditions are generally between 1 to 2 weeks long. Another example of our trekking trips is walking through the central Iranian desert (Dasht-e Kavir). This is a pleasant trip which includes camel rides.
Prior to our style of expeditions the only type of trekking organized in Iran, were extremely standard and short climbs to a few well known peaks. Adventure Iran changed the whole mentality of what could be achieved in the country.

In the sport of Mountain Biking, our company, again, is the main founder of long distance cycling trips in Iran. These trips include high altitude mountain passages, as well as desert crossings through Iran’s central desert. Some of the trips include paved backcountry road travel utilizing mountain bikes which are the bicycle of choice for all the trips. We keep pushing the boundary in this field since we feel responsible as the founding fathers of this activity to show the world what could be done. Our next project (well on its way to final development), is coast to coast cycling from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. Approximately about 1400 Kilometers!
Our 4×4 Safaris are truly special journeys. Some of our more purist guests have questioned us about the reason for using these types of vehicles. But the truth is to even reach the extremely remote and truly magical locations in the Lut desert (Dasht-e Lut), there is no other choice. We are quite aware of not disturbing the extremely fragile parts of the desert surface. Our expert drivers are well educated in these matters and know where to go and where to avoid areas. Once settled in the chosen locations there is plenty of walking during the day and most definitely at night under the truly extraordinary clear starry nights. You will become well acquainted with our mother galaxy, the Milky Way.
In the Ski Touring field we offer extremely interesting trips. The first example is the Ascent and descent of Mt. Damavand (5610 meters, highest mountain in Iran); Ski touring around Alam Kooh peak in northern Iran (Kooh is Persian word for mountain. Alam Mountain is a high and beautiful peak); Back Country skiing in suitable areas in the hearts of Alborz and Zagros ranges, which are the 2 main mountain ranges of the country. Some of these trips are quite easy, but in spectacular surroundings.

Active Cultural Journeys is another innovation of ours. Iran is endowed with a rich cultural and historical heritage. We love to show our guests our proud history but in our own way which is as you can guess, not the standard way. You will be staying in historical, but restored Caravanserais, renovated old Persian style houses now used as boutique hotels and interesting guest houses which come with home cooking; a distinct feature of Iranian hospitality.
These journeys are mostly multi activity. We combine an active sport like cycling with visits to important historical sites. In this field we also research and look for less known but important historical locations. For example we offer Active Cultural Iran Tours, which is combination mild trekking with visits to important and famous historical sites that tend to be covered by standard classic tours. Another example is Shiraz to Tehran by bicycle. Our guests will bicycle through back roads, trails and some paved roads and visit historical sites along the way.
Last but certainly not least we have a very special category which we call Off the Beaten Path tours. These are strictly Cultural and/or historical journeys to practically unknown parts of Iran not mentioned in any guide book. Most of these tours were designed by us and our clients were one of the few foreign visitors who have ever visited these parts and interacted with the locals as well as observing some of the historical treasures of the country seldom visited by outsiders.
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