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Adventure Iran Visa Services

Adventure Iran , can arrange for your individual or group Visa Reference Number (Visa Authorization number).  The visa reference service is € 20 and you have to pay a fee for their VISA Stamp to the Iranian consulate or airport immigration authorities. The cost presently is between € 20- 75 depending on your nationality. For most European countries the visa fee is €75.

IMPORTANT: Iran no longer puts a stamp in your passport. Instead, you will get an E-VISA (Electronic Visa).
Please be aware that you have a choice in how you can get the E-VISA. You can either go to the nearest consulate or choose to pick up the E-VISA at any Iranian International airportIt cannot be done at land or sea border entries.

For Travel Agencies, Tour operators and group, the process is the same, the only difference is that we send the agency an excel file which they will fill the details of all their passengers and send it back to us.

NOTE: We only apply for your visa if you book a tour with us.


How to Apply?

Step 1: Apply for Visa Authorization Number

When you book your desired tour with us, download Visa Authorization form . Please complete and return the form by email with 1 passport sized colour photo file and a scanned colour copy of the first page of your passport.
Important Note: The passport page and photo files required above should be sent according to specifications and examples given at the end of this document.
It is crucial that you do this correctly. If not there will be delays of unknown length which could jeopardize the entire trip.
We will submit the completed form to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). They will generate a Visa Authorization Code that will take up to two weeks depending on your nationality. During national holidays or especially during Persian New Year (19 March – 30 March), it will take a bit longer.
When Adventure Iran receives the confirmation of your application which MFA calls VISA GRANT NOTICE in PDF form, we will send it to your email. If you are a main applicant and have submitted forms for your spouse, children, partner, friends etc., we will only correspond with you and send the other documents to your email address.

Note:Visa Authorization Number, Visa Reference Number, Visa Code, E-Visa Number and Visa Grand Notice Number has the same meaning .


Below is a sample of a Visa Grand Notice:


Iran Visa Reference Number
Iran Visa Grant Notice


Step 2: Obtain Visa

When you receive your Visa Grant Notice document, please submit the passport/s to your chosen Iranian embassy/consulate or any Iranian International Airport in person in order to have your visa issued.
You need to submit your passport to the consulate that was mentioned on your Visa Authorization Application form. Some of the consulates or embassies require slightly different documents, but most of them ask for 2 recent passport sized photos, travel insurance documents and the visa fee. Please check their site for the latest update and fee amounts.
If you have decided to get the visa at any of the International Airports, the same items are needed.

NOTE: Please prepare to pay the exact amount in cash since debit or credit cards are not accepted. 

If you cannot show that you have the correct health insurance, you also need to pay 12 Euros for health insurance fees.

The visa stamp fee is from  €10 to €100 depend of your nationality.

The instruction sheet that we have prepared in pdf format explains exactly how they want this information.

Please read this pdf file carefully.



Iran Visa InformationVisa procedures for American, British & Canadian Citizens

According to the regulations, visa procedures for the above passport holders are different. These nationals need to be signed up with a tour operated by a tour company that is recognized and authorized by Iranian ministry of tourism. They will travel in a group or with an authorized guide and must apply for visa via a registered travel agency. Their tour guide must be with them from the entry point to Iran until departure. This means that they can NOT travel independently. It is recommended to book their trips at least two months before their flight date. This is the minimum required time to apply and process their visas. American passport holders must travel on a private tour but British and Canadian nationals can travel as a group or join a fixed group tour with fixed itinerary.

Please note that the duration of visa for the above nationalities is exactly according to the itinerary.

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