Sven Hedin Photographs
Sven Hedin

Sven Hedin, a Swedish explorer, travelled to Persia and Central Asia a few times between 1886- 1902. He crossed the Iranian Deserts (Dasht-e Kavir and Lut Desert) on his adventure trip.He also learnt several Persian dialects as well as other Central Asian languages. He was a photographer, travel writer, topographer and geographer. He wrote a few books about his expedition. He was also an illustrator of his own works.  Sven Hedin published a book about these travels entitled  “ Through Persia, Mesopotamia and the Caucasus”. If you are more interested in knowing about him, please check out Sven Hedin Foundation website.

Below is a collection of his photographs from different expedition trips that he had to Iran (Persia).

Sven Hedin


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