Iran Off the Beaten Path Information

Iran, as it was historically known as Persia, has always been recognized as one of the main destinations for curious travelers looking for exotic lands that have had an ancient and mighty civilization. This historical endowment coupled with Iran’s present cultural diversity is a powerful magnet for present day travelers. This legacy is present in all corners of Iran and in all of her provinces and this is where Adventure Iran comes in as a tour operator that does the unusual and goes to places that others have ignored.
There are undoubtedly some very famous historical remains etc. that are mentioned in every guide book and offered by numerous tour operators and local tour guides. But Iran is a large country and offers many fascinating attractions that other show no interest. We, on the other hand have strictly focused on these areas.
The list is long and here we mention a few samples: First of all Nomadic tribes. We are a part of a tiny number of countries left on the planet that still have active, real life nomads who move their livestock (sheep and goats) from summer pastures in the mountains to winter camps in warmer lands. We offer tours that accompany these fascinating people during their migrations or stay in their camps and follow their lifestyle and daily chores.


Iran possesses a number of historical Caravanserais spread all over the famous Silk Road. Some have been restored, others are in the process of being restored and the remainder are left in their weathered and mysterious way. All are worth visiting, each with its own special atmosphere and message from a glorious past. The Persian designed Caravanserais have their own particular features that are not found elsewhere along the Silk Road in other countries. A few of the restored Caravanserais are used as small hotels. We utilize these as well as a number of old renovated houses and other architecturally significant buildings which now operate as boutique hotels and lodgings.
Please look for more information and further details regarding these types of tours in our Adventure Iran Off the Beaten Path section.

The Persian Caravanserai was registered on the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO in September 2023.