Iran Photography tour

Iran Photography Tours

Photography Tours is one of Adventure Iran’s special interest tours which is operated in different parts of the country. We aim at providing a good opportunity for our clients to capture nice pictures and create an eye-catching portfolio during our Photography tours. During the last few years, we have traveled to the best locations of the country in different seasons with our cameras to mark the best spots for different types of photography.  We believe photography in Iran connects you to a different world which is one of the best ways to understand Iranian culture and people.  


In our photo tours, we cover People and Landscape photography, along with architecture and general travel photography. Iran is home to various ethnic groups who have different languages, customs, clothes, and lifestyles. People are one of the most important highlights of Iran for many travelers and portrait photography of different ethnicities living in different regions would be the most popular type of Photography in Iran.


We have an exclusive tour for each Iranian ethnical tribe living in a different corner of the country.  Moreover, the pictures of “Ancient Persia” compared to “Modern Iran” would be an interesting topic for your photography project in Iran.


The vast land of Iran with an amazing variety of types of landscapes such as soaring mountains, vast deserts, colorful plains, and forests, is one of the most popular photography destinations in the world. The geographical situation of the country that provides four seasons, various climates, and weather create different spectacular landscapes for photography in each season.


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