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Adventure Iran Trekking Trips

Our trekking tours are the most popular activity offered to our guests. Trekking was the first activity that we developed and therefore have extensive knowledge in. We have become one the leading operators and an innovator in. We have a wide range of options from single day up to three weeks, ranging from easy/moderate short treks on the foothills of central Alborz Mountains, up to Trekking in Lar National Park hiking the Dena mountain range Biosphere Reserve.  Covering every corner of Iran we offer trekking through mountains, deserts and even island and coastal trips. In the deserts we offer a range of treks from easy and pleasant ones around an oasis, to a long distance classic and historical trek originally accomplished by Sven Hedin the famous Swedish explorer who did it around 1890 trekking through the heart of Dasht-e Kavir desert.
Adventure Iran has spent a lot of time and effort to create our own routes and specific hiking trails which is unusual in the Iranian travel industry. We love searching for the hidden gems that exist in the mountains, valleys and oases of our country that only patient explorers find.  Once we locate these spots, then design interesting trips for them. We love nothing more than to share this knowledge with a select group of explorers from four corners of our planet resulting in an unforgettable memory that hopefully would last a lifetime.
We have a physical-grade rating system. For each trip we indicate the Activity Level so that you can choose the most suitable one. All meals and snacks are included. Food is a significant part of any tour and we try to serve a sampling of the local cuisine from each region. In this way we want to be certain that our guests experience and taste genuine Persian cooking.
Depending on the trek and the region, accommodation could be in tents or local houses that come with home cooking. Occasionally our guides will cook in the field. We are in charge of transporting your packs during the trek. Our guests only carry their day packs in any given day. The heavier luggage and other supplies are carried by 4×4 vehicles, mules or even occasionally by porters.


We are ground operators for many overseas tour companies handling their entire itinerary in Iran. We also organise our own group tours for different regions with fixed departure dates.
These of a few examples of long trekking journeys which are our specialty:
Highlands of Talesh and the Alamut valley travels through the western part of Alborz range through the Alamut valley and then on to Taleshi and Azeri tribal territories. This is an exceptional journey through lush countryside and hospitable people. A long trek into Zagros Nomadic lands is a tough hiking trail through Bakhtiari tribal territory. Truly a unique experience. Dena long trail through the foothills and ridge line of Zagros Mountains, another long trek through areas seldom seen by any visitors. Spectacular views and picturesque villages and challenging hiking combine to create a memorable and exotic trekking journey.
A number of Adventure Iran group tours are combination journeys consisting of trekking and visits to important historical heritage sites. Please check Active Cultural Journeys for details. Our tours are designed for small groups, with maximum of 15 people for most trips and 12 for more challenging and technical trips.
We give particular attention to pack as many attractions as possible in any given day. It is genuinely understood that the time of our guests is precious and we appreciate the period they have set aside to come to a faraway land.
Please check our trekking section for the full list and details on all the trips.