Adventure Iran Company, a team of well-trained and experienced personnel, started this company when Iran starts to became known as a trekking paradise.  The country is one of the gateways to the Iran Plateau and central Asia as well as one of the largest plateaus found in this region.  Since its inception in 2006, Adventure Iran Company has organized to operate verities of different kind of tours and activities.
Adventure Iran team creates a friendly and safe trekking environment, which made us a favorite among travelers who have used our services.  We see ourselves as cultural ambassadors who open avenues of understanding into the day-to-day lives of the Iranian people.
In fact, customers can’t resist the temptation to come back to this part of the world and take part in the services that we offer.  Because we enjoy a high level of customer satisfactory, as well as Adventure Iran is recognized as one of the leading trekking agencies in the country.
We are proud that not only do we provide quality services to the traveler, but also we contribute much to the local citizens as we generate awareness of local culture, customs and traditions and emphasize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of this region.
To that end, Adventure Iran team is committed to the preservation of the environment, desiring to safeguard the ecological balance that is found in this breathtaking paradise.  We also feel strongly that the local people and their culture are a treasure and we strive to promote understanding between the travelers and the residents of Iran.
Adventure Iran Company team offers a tremendous number of activities centered in Iran and the country is blessed by nature and provides us with a great opportunity to offer you to be explored and experienced.

Our team

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Mike Eskenasi

Founder & Director

Mike is a computer engineer by trade, and since 1990, a mountain guide by choice. He is a keen mountain climber and an avid cyclist. He founded his software development company in 1998 while ….


EU Marketing Manager

Bernard started in the tourist industry in Ireland, where he was born. After university he worked in tourism development on the east coast of Ireland. He was sent to Paris in 1986 as group tourism …



Nader  has spent over 20 years in the United States where he conducted and ‎managed numerous backpacking, mountaineering, mountain-bike and kayak tours ‎throughout North, Central and …


Head of IT & Marketing

Mohammad is a Computer Engineer and he is in charge of all IT and software responsibilities in Adventure Iran.  He is Mike’s brother and has started working in Adventure Iran since 2006…


Head of the Board


CFO & Consultant

Mehrdad is ….


Graphic Designer

We all need a reason to wake up. For me it is working as a graphic designer. I hunger to broaden my knowledge and turn information into action which I believe it contributes to prosperity. I believe …



Maryam is an accountant and she is nature lover, good trekker and skier. She has been working with us from the early days of the founding of the company in 2006 taking care of our accounting …


UK Marketing

An adventure travel loving person willing to learn and take on new skills. He has been traveling to the four corners of the world for the past 20 years. He graduated from London Metropolitan University…


Operation & Tour Manager

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Visa & Hotel Section

She is another key member of our office. Her degree is in Business Management. From the beginning of her working career, she has had a keen interest in working in the travel industry. So from early in her…


Office Manager

He is an industrial engineer and born in north of Tehran in the foothills of Touchal mountain, the highest peak north of Tehran. From childhood this fascinating area was his playground as he …



Mehrak has worked for us since 2010 starting in the office, but ending up as a guide. She is a certified tour guide and has worked in that capacity for Adventure Iran since 2012. She is an artist as well.


B2B & Sales

She is 40 years old born in Tehran and for the last 8 years living in the town of Lavasan near our office at the foothills of Alborz range. She decided to move because of a change in her life style and a …


Artist department


Consultant & Film Editor

Kiomars is an avid mountain climber since his youth. His real talent and passion is as a photographer and documentary film maker. He has travelled extensively throughout his life and has 50 years’ …


Australia Marketing


New Zealand Marketing


Operation & Logistic

Shabs is one of our team member since early 2012. He has graduated from Holland Park school of London and his expertise utterly involves with world tourism and travel services.

Iran Cycling Tour


Head of Marketing