Central Alborz Mountains
Central Alborz Mountains Map

Central Alborz Mountains

The boundary between the Chalus and Haraaz Rivers in the Alborz mountain range is the Central Alborz Mountain. In Persian it’s called Reshte Kuh-hay Alborz Markazi.
The two main highest peaks of Iran, (Mt Damavand and Alamkuh), are located in these mountains. Both are the most popular peaks for nearly all trekkers from around the world seeking a challenge. There is an abundance of mountains above 4,000 m located here. Around 20 of them are famous, attracting many local climbers who regularly ascend them. Mt Damavand 5,610m, Mt Alam Kuh 4,810m, Mt Kholeno 4,375m, Mt Azadkuh 4,355m, Mt Sarakchal 4,210m, Mt Kolonbastak 4,150m, and Mt Touchal 3,964 m are the most beautiful and important mountains in this region.


There are rivers, protected areas, national parks, flora and fauna, wild animals, forests, a canyon, lakes, ski resorts and a nomadic region. Depending on your travel time, type of activity, level of experience, fitness and endurance, you can choose virtually any option available in the Central Alborz mountains. For the whole 12 months of the year, adventurous people are active in this region. You can opt for cycling, trekking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, and ski touring in this mountainous area.

Trekking through Central Alborz Mountain, Iran
Trekking through Central Alborz Mountain, Iran


Also, in this region, which is just a short slice of the whole Alborz Mountain Range, there are a couple of famous National Parks and Protected areas. Lar National Park, west of Mount Damavand, is located in central Alborz mountain. Adventure Iran has an annual Ultra Trail marathon in May in Lar National Park which is in the southern west side of the massive Damavand Mountain. Another place is the large Alborz Markazi protected area, containing a great array of wildlife, birds, and the famous Hyrcanian Forests. Varjin protected area is yet another region in this mountain area. For tours in all the above-mentioned regions, it is necessary to obtain an entry permit from the Department of Environment of Iran. Adventure Iran can provide selected trips for trekking and mountain biking in all three ecological mountain areas all year round and are able to offer suitable travel itineraries for each season. According to the season of travel, we also take into account any unfavourable weather conditions we may come across which is why we need to be physically fit, have essential travel equipment and appropriate attire to withstand any unexpected surprises.

Lar National Park, Iran
Lar National Park, Iran


The climate on these high mountains is totally different from that of the city during the same period. Here is an example of how the weather changes. In the beginning of spring, the start of the Persian New Year, (Farvardin), equal to the end of March, skiing takes place in Shemshak, Darbandsar, and Dizin. There is a mountainous road from Dizin-Shemshak ski resort to Tehran city, which is 60 km to downtown. If you drive from the parking lot of this ski resort, (which is around 3,300m), to Tehran city, you can see snow covered mountains. People ski at that time, as winter has not finished there. When crossing villages, (with a 2,000 m height), you can catch sight of the blossoming trees, the green plants, and blooming flowers. The temperature is still cold. You can feel the spring after half an hour drive down to the Fasham valley. On this road, we pass Lavasan city on our way to Tehran. At the same time in Lavasan (1,600 m) “where the Adventure Iran office is” we do mountain biking around the lake where the snow has melted. On reaching Tehran you will notice people constantly changing their clothes and wearing T-shirts. This is how rapidly the climate differs during this period.


Another advantage of this region is that it’s close to the capital city of Tehran. From here you can reach any place in the central Alborz Mountains in record time, with the furthest location being approximately 120 km away. It is a 2 hours’ drive in the mountainous road.

4 seasons of life in the Alborz mountains

Below are a few of our videos in Alborz Mountains 

Alborz Ski Region

Shemshak & Abak Mountains



Darbandsar Ski Resort

Azadkuh Mountain
The view of Mont Azadkuh (4400m) in central Alborz Mountains

Alborz-e Markazi Protected Area


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