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Explore Iran’s most popular destinations with Iranian trains

Iran Train Journeys is one of the special interest tours that attracts many visitors. As you may know, there are numerous railroads in Iran in each corner of the country. The trains can take you everywhere you may wish to go. There are a lot of stations along the railway line, where you can either get on or off the train to visit the area. In addition, Iran has very high-quality daytime and night trains which cover most of the popular routes. Exactly seven main railroad tracks going in different directions, starting from Tehran, covers the country. Other major cities also connect with each other via these railroad lines.

Kilometers of railroad network

Traveling by train in Iran is not only a transportation method to travel between two cities. The Iranian railroads pass through very interesting places and enable you to visit the amazing Iran plateau which has beautiful deserts, agricultural and rural regions, and the ability to see different people with different lifestyles. It almost looks like a live documentary of the country.

Iranian railway is among the popular modes of transportation amidst locals. It is stretched across country crossing almost all the main cities in Iran with stations in populated cities in every region. With most trains being sleeper trains with long hours of travel, trains can bring a laid back style to you trips. You can enjoy sceneries (which are breathtaking) along the way, with a comfortable transfer and service. Meeting locals and engaging them might be another attraction of this mode of traveling and recently one of the most popular routes of Iran dubbed the  TRANS IRANIAN RAILWAY joined the UNESCO world heritage sites of Iran.

Railways have a rocky history in Iran, especially during the start of it. There have been failed attempts beside successful ones too but it was about 1926 that the first bill for a national railway was accepted and a year after that the built was started officially.

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