Adventure Iran’s Specialty

Adventure Iran’s founders are lifetime avid travelers both internationally but more importantly throughout the length and breadth of Iran. They have personally designed and carried out a huge number of tours that are offered in our catalogue and our site. They become intimately familiar with the tour and the area covered by each trip. We then get feedback from our guides and our customers and integrate the new information into continuously fine tuning the tours. Some tours have been pretty much redesigned to make them more dynamic and interesting for our clients. We regularly have brainstorming sessions where our expert guides and tour designers review the detail itineraries.
This makes us different than the competition. Our specialty and expertise is in continuously researching, designing and implementing new routes and interesting journeys. We also design special interest tours that have been requested by our partners in Europe and elsewhere.

Iran Desert Safari 4x4 Trip
Group Tours Desert Safari 4×4

Our focus is to integrate active tours with creating opportunities where our guests get to see, feel and experience real contact with indigenous people of the country in their normal environments away from tourist sites. Local people act different in popular tourist sites and there is a behavioral mask that is always present. We are aware of this and design our tours to get away from this phenomenon. It is a central principle of the company to provide as authentic experience as possible for our guests. Consequently this belief has guided us in the direction of designing tours where our guests spend their nights at people’s houses or local guest houses or even nomads’ tents where they get to interact with the people and get to taste their way of life, their cooking and their families milling around.

Iran Trekking Tours
Camping Group Tours with ADVENTURE IRAN

Our second specialty is the creation of 2 types of tours that are our own innovation and we are pretty much the only tour company that offers these types of tours. Through many years’ experience we have realized that with our longer tours there is an opportunity to combine an active sport, with visiting cultural/historical sites. This has resulted in our innovative design of Active Cultural Tours that combine visiting cultural and historical locations, with an activity. The second innovation is what we call off the beaten path tours. These are strictly cultural/historical tours but in areas that practically no one else goes. There are many tours available for the standard classic routes of the most famous sites. But Iran has a lot more to offer, but these trips are much harder to pull off. It requires a lot of thought, discussions and planning. We love solving hard problems and challenging ourselves. The result is immense satisfaction that we see in our clients’ faces.

Iran Mountain Biking Travel
Iran Mountain Biking Travel