Adventure Iran Philosophy


The founders were avid travelers for years before they decided to start this business. When they were travelling with their backpacks around the world socializing and getting to know numerous travelers from all walks of life; what became clear was that Iran was an unknown destination for adventure travelers and even backpackers. There were many questions and few answers. Iran was a mystery. This fact helped the founders to form their philosophy regarding their plans for starting a specialty travel company. From the beginning we have had one central vision, which is the following:

As the large country of Iran with a long ancient history and civilization and considerable natural beauty and variation in climate and eco-systems was practically unknown to Adventure travelers; we made it our mission to open up the vast potential of outdoor adventure travel and show the country to this international traveling audience. Because Iran has many hidden and unknown treasures for Adventure Travel, it took considerable effort in planning and preparation for organizing such trips. As the founders are avid adventure travelers themselves, executing all the activities on offer and constantly fine tuning each trip; has resulted in well-developed and comprehensive high quality tours. Our goal is to show little known areas not mentioned in any guide books and as a result help in offering new information for future travellers. In this way our tours help the local economies develop and create new jobs. As part of this goal we have participated in major travel conventions, exhibitions and have had talks and presentations highlighting our philosophy.
An important factor in our philosophy is to continuously research and develop new and interesting trips into even lesser known regions. Considerable intellectual effort and technical and practical know-how is used for the creation and development of new routes. The goal is to design trips that would offer maximum points of interest in minimum amount of time. Due to large size of the country and availability of several seasons at any given time of year, this task is quite complex and takes a lot of intellectual and physical time and effort. We pay a heavy price for this much organization and work, but for us this is vital.


Part of our commitment is to achieve the above goals as sustainably as possible. We were quite aware of the new field of Responsible Travel and eco-tourism slowly establishing itself in the west. Although we do not claim that we are an eco-tourist company; we try to implement its core philosophy into our operations. Briefly, we are extremely aware and sensitive towards the preservation of the ecological, as well as historical/cultural heritage of this ancient land and in our operations we do our utmost to uphold these values. We have found a way to share our view of life and our deep love and respect for our land to a select number of people from as varied and different parts of the world as possible. We say a select few because we are adamant to conduct small group tours.
Our guests will experience close contact with local people who live in the countryside, villages and small towns of Iran. They will spend nights in people’s houses and share their home cooked meals with them. This way they will see how their money is spent on local families and local guides and how this has truly effected these people’s lives in a positive way.
We love to share the hidden beauty of Iran. Since we have done all these activities ourselves, and interacted with the numerous branches of the Iranian nation; we like nothing better to show all this from our unique vantage point. And to accomplish this in a safe, secure and happy environment. This by itself gives us the deepest satisfaction and we see it in our guests’ faces and their smiles.