Our Guides

Adventure Iran is proud of working with well-trained tour guides who have a solid background and specialized knowledge about activity based adventure travel. We put a lot of emphasis on training our guides who already have industry experience, but nevertheless receive company training to make sure they direct the tours according to our standards.
Additionally, the company utilizes the expertise of local, indigenous people wherever possible; knowing that no tour leader is better than the locals and to help strengthen the local economy. We regularly monitor our tour guides and local support personnel, to ensure that our guests receive the best possible service.
Our main guides only work in their chosen field. So we have trekking specialists, ski touring experts and so on. Our guides love their field of expertise and have been lifetime skiers, mountain bikers, etc. They have received their training and licensing from the appropriate national sporting federations. Iran has mountaineering, skiing and cycling federations. Our top guides are instructors for their respective federations. In addition, they have gone through the courses and received the appropriate licensing from Iran’s ministry of tourism as specialized tour guides. Furthermore as mentioned above, we provide extra training and specific skills in order for our guides to provide excellent service and maximum safety for our guests.
We also use local guides who have performed numerous tours for us. The locals have exceptional knowledge of their territory; far superior than our head guides. However, most of them have limited command of English or any other language. For some trips, they are used as leading guides with main guides accompanying them, but in most trips are utilized as assistants working under our main guides, usually for segments of long tours.
For the historical/cultural segments of Active Cultural Journeys, we utilize a different type of guides who possess a deep and thorough knowledge of their fields but are not necessarily the active types. We combine their knowledge with our regular guides who will lead the active part of the journey.
For private 2 to 3 person journeys, we can provide a driver/guide with adequate English language skills.
Other than English speakers we can provide cultural/historical guides with German, Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese language proficiency. Professional non English speakers are limited in number and in high demand so in order to ensure their availability, tour companies need to confirm their booking at least one season prior to their departure date. We have German and French speaking guides who can lead easy and moderate technical active tours. For the majority of challenging and/or technical tours, we strictly use English speakers only but with a few exceptions. For details please contact us