Photography of Bakhtiari Nomads in Iran
Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribe- Iran People Phorograoht Tour

Photography of Iranian Bakhtiari Nomads

Iran with many different ethnicities and nomad tribes is home to various types of people who have different races, faces, cultures, and languages. Iran Nomadic Tribes is one of Iran’s traveling highlights compared with their neighbors in the Middle East. It’s very fascinating for photographers who are looking for an unusual destination. Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribe is one of the main tribes of Iran’s nomads who live in the west of Iran in the central part of the Zagros mountains range. This special region of the country belongs to the three provinces of Khuzestan, Lorestan, and Charmahal and Bakhtiari in Iran. The region is wonderful for the Photography of Iranian Bakhtiari Nomads for the two types of Landscape and People photography in Iran.

Sar-e Agha Seid Nomadic Village- Bakhtiari Nomadic Region


People Photography

Bakhtiari people are one of the major nomadic tribes in the country still living in the mountains with their families and animals. They still have their own traditional style that is very interesting for photography. The first subject of your photography will be Bakhtiari clothes, which will attract the photographers as soon as they enter the Bakhtiari region.

The men have similar clothes with black loose pans “Dabit”, a black hat, a white jacket “Choogha” with special striped black lines that provide unique pictures for people photography. Taking pictures of the men is easy and they are so friendly with photography. The old men are the best for photography. Most of them have special photogenic faces that are very suitable for portrait photography. Their very serious and rough faces show their hard life in the mountains, which will create a different photograph in your photography.

Iran People Photography


Women’s clothes are very different and beautiful. They have colorful costumes and dresses that are made up of different components. They use a lot more in ceremonies and celebrations. Women’s faces look very strange and they seem to be of different races. Some have darker brown faces with black hair, and some have white faces and colored hair. You will also see many children with blue eyes and blonde hair, which is totally different from the other kids.  Some middle-aged women have black dresses and some of them have red hair that is amazing for photography. Taking pictures of women is not easy in this region. Female photographers have a better chance of photography of women in this region.

Our guide is the key person for communicating with the locals and handling taking pictures of the people in Bakhtiari tribes.


Landscape Photography

Another type of photography in the Bakhtiari region is landscape photography. The tribal region is located in heart of the Zagros mountains with a lot of high mountains above 3000 m, and it creates an amazing landscape for photography. Zardkuh mountain chains with a few peaks above 4000 m are the best example of this untouched mountain region. Having different valleys with a lot of canyons in the Bakhtiari region with snow-capped mountains in spring is the best frame for your landscape photographs during your Photography Trip to Iran. You will also see the nomadic camps in the middle of nowhere when you pass through the mountain region. Spring and summer and early autumn is the best season, but if you could arrange to travel in spring, you will have more colorful pictures compared with other seasons. Our landscape photo gallery of the Bakhtiari region gives you a better idea of what you could see in this wonderland region of Iran.

Bakhtiari Mountain Region-Iran Landscape Photography


Wedding Ceremony of Bakhtiari Nomads

One of the most amazing experiences of your travel to the Bakhtiari region would be their ceremonies. They have a very interesting wedding ceremony. Attending the Bakhtiari celebration for photography would be the highlight of your trip. They have a 24 hours event and a traditional party at their wedding with traditional dance and stick games. It would be so impressive for travelers to visit. The groom carries a gun in the ceremony, and old guys have guns too and shoot during the wedding ceremony. The Bakhtiari wedding ceremony photos that we took on our recent trip in 2022 give you a better image of this event.


Bakhtiari Wedding Ceremony Party

We have plans to attend this type of event that takes place at different times. For more information, please get in touch!

If you are interested in traveling to this region, Bakhtiari Nomad Photography Tour is a soft adventure holiday with a moderate level of difficulty.

If you would also like to get more information about this region, please check out A Guide to Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes.

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