Adventure Iran is specialized in outdoor adventures of all types of activities. We hope you can take the time to read about all we have to offer including a major service, desert activities and tours. We operate in both Dasht-e Kavir and Lut Deserts. Our goal is to give you an appreciation of the desert which we have been dedicated for in the past few years. During these years we have taken out more people than all of the other tour companies combined. Many of those guests have come back year after year to enjoy this fun and exciting desert adventure. Our guides are trained professionals who are experts. They are what make our adventure tours so memorable. Our company takes good care of their employees and they in turn take good care of our clients. We have always received positive feedback from the folks who have enjoyed our unique desert experiences.

Iran is one of the few remaining destinations where there is still the freedom to travel to distances, timeless and by choice, sleep in remote-wilderness or formal-camp, explore central desert and  distant dunes, enjoy total relaxed or high adventure. Iran is a country blessed with endless contrast where you can discover fascinating facts about desert plants, animals, geology, history, culture and life style with interactive displays and exhibits to bring your tour to life.
Come relax and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Iran central Desert. One of the vast and amazing deserts in the world. Four wheel through remote areas where the beauty and serenity of the desert comes alive. Let our local guide introduce you to the wonders of the desert flora and fauna as well as giving you a genuine appreciation of the delicate balance of life in the desert ecosystem. Imagine trekking and crossing the desert like old times where you will find a natural spring flowing from the side of the heart of a dune.
Desert tours are passionate about Iran, we offer you to Join one of our group Adventure Iran tours and find out why.

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Maranjab Desert Dashte Kavir Iran Trekking Tour

Maranjab Desert tour

A short desert trip starts from Tehran to Maranjab desert and camping in the heart of Dasht-e Kavir desert
2 Days
Lut Desert Photography

Isfahan to Kerman via Dasht-e Kavir and Lut Deserts on the road

A long trip from Esfahan to Kerman and passing undiscovered parts of Dasht-e Kavir and Lut Deserts
13 Days
Iran 4x4 off road Lut desert tour

Iran Deserts 4×4 tour (Dasht-e Kavir and Lut Desert)

An off the beaten track Iran desert tour to cover the most beautiful part of the deserts and desert safari
13 Days
Lut 4wd Desert Safari Tour Iran


An expedition Iran desert safari through Dasht-e Lut desert and camping in a different special desert region of the desert
10 Days

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