Best Iran Tours

Best Iran Tours


Choosing the right trip at the right time for your holiday in Iran


1. Introduction

Best Iran Tours.  We know how important it is to have an efficient travel itinerary to make good use of your limited holiday time to visit the top tourist highlights. We have received a lot of common questions related to this topic from many clients. Therefore, in this Iran’s tourist guide article, we would like to delve into and share our past two-decades of experience for enthusiastic travellers who are choosing Iran as their destination.

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2. First time travel to Iran

If this is your first trip to Iran, you would most probably like to visit the tourist highlights. For those who are interested in the cultural, historical and heritage attractions, it is recommended to follow the Iran Classic Route. This route passes through five tourist destinations, and is recommended by the Lonely Planet travel guide book on Iran. There are so many attractions on this route which you have to mark on your “must see” travel itinerary. Some of them are inscribed on the list of UNESCO sites and many of them are on the waiting approval list.  The majority of travellers spend two weeks following this route.

Map Classic Iran Travel Route


3. Iran Best tourist cities

The best tourist cities on this popular classical route are Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. Each one of those 5 main destinations has its own theme and is famous for a specific attraction. Depending on your interest, you could spend more days in the ones that appeal to you most. There are also some interesting small towns and villages on your way to these cities.  Again, depending on the duration of your holiday, you might want to include a few on your list.



4. Iran’s Best tourist sites

There are many tourist attractions on the above classic journey. The most famous ones are the 7 UNESCO sites which are distributed in different locations on this route.  They are Golestan Palace (Tehran), Jame Mosque & Meidan Eman (Isfahan), Persepolis and Pasargadae, (around Shiraz), Historic City of Yazd and the Persian Gardens, which are located in Kashan, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz. In addition, in 2023 the Persian Caravanserai was inscribed on the World Heritage list of Iran (57 caravanserais). A few of them are inside or close to your travelling route.  We strongly recommend you visit them and possibly spend the night there as they really are unmissable.   If you have ample time, there are also 10 other sites that are on the waiting approval list of UNESCO that you might want to add to your “to see” list.


Naghshe Jahan Squire -Midane- Emam Isfahan -Iran UNESCO
Low Season of Iran


5. Other attractions on the Classic Route of Iran

There are many other destinations and attractions on this famous route. You may wish to visit Qom, (2nd religious Iranian city), Abyaneh, historical Zoroastrian village, the ancient city of Meybod, Chak Chak Zoroastrian fire temple, historical village of Kharanaq, Sarv of Abarkuh (4500 years old cypress tree), Qanat-e Zarch, (a 3000-year-old underground water channel), and Shemshak and Darbandsar Ski area in the Alborz Ski Region, (northern Tehran). The most famous caravanserais are Zein-o-Din, Moshir, Kuhpa, Maranjab, and Abbasi. All of the above tourist highlights are around the 5 tourist cities of the Classic Route.

Hafezieh Shiraz


6. Iran Arrival and departure location

The majority of travellers prefer to fly in and out of the capital as it has the highest number of flights, with very reasonable ticket prices. Tehran is in the north of the country where trips going towards Shiraz usually start.  Shiraz is located approximately in the south of Iran. The Classic Iran trip usually commences from the north, (southern side of the Caspian Sea), towards the south (northern side of the Persian Gulf). Shiraz has an international airport and there are a few international airlines having scheduled flights. If you can find a reasonably priced flight ticket to or from your country to Shiraz, we highly recommend you use the time saved to visit more of the attractions as it’s also possible to do the Classic Tour vice versa starting from Shiraz and finishing it in Tehran.

Tehran IKA Airport Night view
Tehran IKA Airport Night view


7. Iran’s Best Tour

If you are looking for the Best Tours of Iran, it’s important to specify where your interest lies. Adventure Iran, as a specialist tour operator, has customized so many tailored trips for the classic tour with or without adding adventure activities. For those of you who don’t have much time to spend on having another activity together with their cultural-historical visit, we are able to recommend exploring some non-tourist region. Visiting a few of Iran’s off the beaten track places, which are not far from your tourist route would be a real plus. It not only gives you a local experience, it also allows you to have a global picture of Iran’s diverse destinations. Bearing in mind that Iran was on the most important part of the Silk Road, travelling here without having a taste of this ancient route would be a real shame.  It would be a pity to miss it. Adding a couple of spots of the Silk Road like Kharanaq ancient Mudbrick village and staying in the Persian Caravanserai would increase your enjoyment of your Classic cultural heritage visit. The Classic Iran Tour through the Persian Caravanserai of the Silk Road is one of the best and most interesting Iran tours we could offer you. This travel itinerary has no arduous physical activity.  It’s an active cultural trip for adventurous travellers who want to experience something quite different from the average tour.

Karimkhan Sitadel
The Arg of Karim Khan


8. Best popular customized trips to Iran

If you prefer to spend more time in the popular Iranian destinations, we provide simple categorized trips. In Adventure Iran, we offer 4 general tours for this route based on the duration of your trip. The trips can be for 7, 9, 12 and 14 days. It would be an excellent solution for those who don’t have much time for research and to look for a prepared classical tour package. All the 4 travel itineraries start from Tehran and finish in Tehran along with a domestic flight to return to the capital.  The best travelling times are April, May, October and November. Below are the links of our general Iran Classic Tours.


9. Special Interest and Best of Iran Tours

If you have a special interest in travelling, but you are also travelling to Iran for the first time, we have created many unique itineraries for you. There is a combination of a short Iran visit alongside a special activity. In general, we considered one week for visiting Iran’s main tourist highlights and one week for special interest. Most of these tours are mentioned on our tours list. It’s easy to search for them through our Tours Search tools on the first page of Adventure Iran’s website. Below is the list and the links of the most famous ones:

If none of the above solutions fit your requirements, or your trip is less than two weeks, please let us know your needs. It will be our pleasure to tailor make a trip to meet your demands.

Iran Photography Tour-Kurdistan


10. Conclusion

Depending on your interests, there are many possibilities for you to have a soft adventure, active holiday or adventure travel along with your Iran Classic Route. The most important thing to consider is the best time to visit Iran based on your activity rather than that of the cultural and historical part of your trip.


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