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When Is the Best Time for Traveling to Iran for Different Activities?

One of the most common questions that many travelers ask Adventure Iran is:


Since the question has no short answer, here we answered in full detail. The first important thing you should know is that Iran is a country with a wide range of weather and climate conditions. The country is located near the southern part of the Caspian Sea in the northern borders and near the Persian Gulf and Makran Sea, which is connected to the Indian Ocean, in the southern parts. You can travel all year round in it, depending on the activities and the regions you would like to explore. Read this article to know about the best time for traveling to Iran for exciting adventures and cultural activities.


Best Time for Traveling to Iran for Cultural and Historical Visit

For those who would like to visit Iran’s main tourist sites on the famous IRAN CLASSIC ROUTE, spring and autumn are the best seasons to get there. Iran has hot summers and cold winters which are not good travel times to explore ONLY the main Iran’s UNESCO sites. 21st of March is the Persian New Year which is the first day of the year (1st Farvardin). Most Iranians start their holidays a few days before the New Year and this long holiday lasts till the 4-5th of April. During this time, most hotels in the country will be occupied by domestic travelers, and finding proper accommodation is not easy. The main roads will also be full of cars as well. In tourist destinations, you will encounter crowded sites with busy streets leading to them. Besides, the restaurants are busy and you have to reserve your seat in advance for a good restaurant. It would be a good idea to arrive in Iran after April  5th. The weather will be pleasant till the end of May in all main destinations of Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz which are located on the main travel route of Iran. Autumn is the shoulder season in Iran as the weather is getting pleasant again, but you have less daylight compared to spring. You have to start your daily activity early if you are a fan of photography. Most travelers start their trip in September, but if you have no activity in the mountains and you just want to explore the Best Tourist Cities, it would be better to travel in October. The weather would also be nice till November.

If you would like to explore the northern parts of Iran, you have to know that spring comes a little later and autumn comes sooner compared to other regions in Iran. For those who would like to visit the southern part of Iran or explore the Persian Gulf or Makran Sea, the best travel time is winter. You can travel from early December till March.


Trekking Activity

If you would like to travel to Iran for trekking, you have a wide range of options. As you may know, Iran has numerous mountains above 4000 m and a couple of which are globally famous such as Mount Damavand (5610m) and Mount Alamkuh (4850m). The season for trekking depends on which area or mountain region you wish to go.

For those who would like to have a short trek below 3000m in Alborz Mountains, April and May are the best time to have a trek in Iran. Also autumn is another nice season for moderate treks as the trees are colorful and the weather is pleasant for trekking. Shemshak or Darbandsar villages located in the Alborz Ski region are two of the best examples of moderate trekking in Iran. Lar National park or Varjin protected area are other examples perfect for hiking during the spring.

If you would like to have a long trek with challenging trekking, May and June are the proper months for both Alborz and Zagros Mountains ranges. Dena National Park and Alamut Valley are perfect for the end of spring. For the ones who would like to climb one or two high-altitude peaks above 4000 m, summer is the best stable travel time to ascend. The weather is not very cold and you do not need to have expedition clothes to ascend to summits.

Alongside those seasons (Spring, summer, and autumn), there are a couple of mountains in the south of Iran that are proper for winter. Mount Taftan, a semi-active volcano, with around 4000m altitudes is the highest mountain in southeast Iran. Taftan is located in Sistan and Baluchistan province sharing borders with Pakistan. The best ascent time for Taftan mountain is from January to the end of March.

For more information about Iran trekking season, please check:



Mountain Biking Activity

Cyclists or the ones who would like to do Mountain Biking in Iran also have a wide range of destinations and seasons for their activities. If you come to Iran only for cycling, answering this question depends on your interest, level of fitness, and the type of terrain you would like to choose. In general, spring and early summer are the seasons for long mountain biking trips in Iran’s mountain regions. For those who would like to do cycling in the desert regions of Iran, autumn is the best season. March and April are also the months that are proper for cycling in the desert. Winter is another proper season for those who would like to cycle in southern Iran, along the Persian Gulf or Makran Sea (coastal region of Balochistan).

For the ones who would like to do one or two days of cycling, depending on where they are, the whole year is perfect for cycling in Iran. For more information about cycling seasons, please have a look at the article below:



Best Time for Traveling to Iran for Desert Activities

Desert adventures are one of the highlights of Iran and many travelers visit Iran’s deserts every year. In general, if you do not plan on having any special activities in the desert, spring and autumn are the best time to travel there. Depending on the type and the duration of your activity, the month would be different. Early spring (March and April) and the end of autumn (mid-October to the beginning of December) is the best time for having long treks and cycling trips in the Dasht-e Kavir desert. Moreover, depending on the temperature throughout the year, sometimes in May, the temperature is good enough to have a long day’s Dasht-e Kavir desert trip.

If you would like to travel to the Lut desert, the season is different. Dasht-e Lut desert is hotter than Dasht-e Kavir desert. The best travel time to explore the Lut desert is November to December. Another shoulder season in the Lut desert is in March and the beginning of April. If you do not care about cold nights, you can travel during January and February to Lut too. If you would like to have long trekking or mountain biking trips to the Lut desert, we recommend the winter months because of the lower temperatures during the day. For more information, please get in touch.



Ski Activities

The ski seasons of Iran in general start in December and finish around March. Depending on the volume of snow throughout the year, sometimes you can ski in April in Iran as well. Iran has many ski regions and a few of them are more famous. Alborz Ski Region is the oldest and the best with 4 famous pistes. Tochal, Shemshak, Darbandsar, and Dizin are the most famous ski areas in the Alborz Ski Region. Tochal is the first ski region to open and the last to close in the region. Sometimes Tochal will be open in November when there is a good snow in Iran.



Ski Touring Activity

Ski Touring has different seasons in various mountains. March and April are the best travel time for Ski Touring in MT Damavand or Dobarar mountains Chains. If you would like to do Ski Touring in MT Alamkuh, April and May are the best ski time. March is also a good ski touring season in the Zardkuh mountains. If you are interested in off-Piste skiing or back-country skiing in Iran, you can start your trip at the end of January or the beginning of February when the snow has more volume.

Iran Ski Touring
Iran Ski Touring



Snorkeling and Diving Activities

South of Iran, in the Persian Gulf and Makran Sea, is the spot for divers. In Chabahar located in Balochistan, Kish, and Qeshm islands, there are dive centers that are open year long. The best time to travel with perfect temperatures and a chance to explore other attractions of these regions alongside snorkeling and diving is in winter.



Bird watching Activity

Iran is one of the main destinations in the Middle East for bird watchers and March is the best travel time for birdwatching in Iran which allows you to discover different regions in different corners of Iran in one trip.

Iran Bird Watching Tour
Bird Watching Tour


Best Time for Traveling to Iran for Multi-Adventure Tours

If you would like to combine a couple of activities, you should have a customized itinerary for Iran. If it is your first visit to Iran and you would like to visit Iran’s main UNESCO sites along with your main activity, you should have a certain level of knowledge about Iran. As we described before, spring and autumn are Iran’s best travel seasons for those who are interested in Iran’s cultural-historical sites but sometimes it is not possible when you have other agendas. If the information provided above did not help you decide on your travel season, please contact us. The Tour Management department of Adventure Iran will help you with this regard.




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