10 Most Important Travel Tips before Travel to Iran
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Ten Useful Tips for Traveling to Iran

As one of the ancient cradles of civilization, Iran is a vast country embracing various climatic conditions, ethnic groups, and cultures. The variety in attractions, landscapes, traditions, customs, and activities is so amazing that may make you bewildered. If you wish to travel to Iran for the first time or you are a tour operator thinking about adding Iran as a destination to your tour list, there might be a long list of different topics that you have to know before preparing your travel itinerary to Iran. There may also be many questions in your mind, and sometimes it is hard to find the right answer or source of information altogether. So, you had better know about some useful tips before traveling to Iran.

Imam mosque Naghsh-e Jahan square Isfahan

Questions about how to get an Iran visa, when is the best time for traveling to Iran, what to visit in Iran, how to wear as a female traveler in Iran, and how and where to exchange currency in Iran are some of the questions that come first to the first-time travelers’ minds.

In this travel advice and post, we create the most popular topics that you have to know to lead you through a good path for preparing your package for this authentic traveling destination. Here read about the ten essential tips for traveling to Iran:


1. Visa Information

Iran Visa services


2. Covid Latest Information and Travel Requirements


3. Iran Weather and Climate for Traveling

Iran Cimate Weather travel


4. Iran Best Tourist Destinations

Iran Historical and Cultural Travel
Iran Historical and Cultural Travel

5. Iran’s Most Famous UNESCO Sites for Visit

Iran’s UNESCO sites

6. Classic Iran – Famous Traveling Route for First Visitors:

Classic Iran Route Map


7. Best Time to Visit Iran

Persian Garden-Eram Garden Shiraz IRAN UNESCO 1500


8. Best Traveling Time for Different Activities

Iran landscape view - Mountain biking Trip


9. Dress Code

Iran private Tour
Iran private Tour

10. Iran Currency (Iranian Rials)

Iran Currency Rials Money 1500


If you do not have much time to study about Iran beforehand, and you are looking for a travel itinerary, take a look at the Best Iran Tour post and find some suggested prepared travel packages. For more general information, please check out the link below:

For Travelers

Also Iran’s tourist cities distance post gives you more ideas about your travelling time between those main Iranian tourist destinations.


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