Busiest Travel Days to Iran
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Busiest Travel Days of Iran Holiday Season

 Why you should NOT consider your travel holiday during the busiest holidays in Iran!

Iranians travel a lot in Iran and the number of domestic tours is increasing every year. Some travelers travel by themselves and some of them use local travel agencies or tour operators for their domestic holidays in Iran . They use public transport such as domestic airplanes and trains as well. Also, they use many standardized or even luxury hotels in the country along with guest houses and local homestays. As we have many official and unofficial public holidays on our calendar, sometimes it makes a very busy traveling time for your trip to Iran. These holiday as we mentioned in the post “Iranian National Holidays in the Calendar sometimes makes booking difficult. In this useful travel advice, we will indicate the most important one for you as a traveler, travel agency, or tour operator who would like to travel to Iran.

IsfahanNowrooz Persian New Year- Iran High Season Busiest Travel Days

Below we listed the dates of continuous Iranian national holidays which make the busiest travel time in Iran for domestic travelers. During those dates, finding the hotels and air tickets would be difficult and all of the railway routes would be very busy and the trains are occupied by the locals. If you would like to travel to Iran during the below dates, you have to be aware of your travel time. If you are interested in traveling by train or you are using our Train Journeys, we suggest do not travel during those dates.

When some of the listed two days holidays are fixed on the weekdays, the locals take more days off and attach them to the weekend.  The weekend in Iran is Thursdays and Fridays.

Iran High Season NOWROOZ Busiest Travel

If you couldn’t change your travel date and the below dates are in your travel time, please send your inquiry a few months in advance and we will check our Persian Calendar to give you more advice about your trip. Please bear in mind that some of our trips that you would like to book use Iran Railway Routes. We will be trying to do our best for arranging to get the best possible tickets according to your travel time.

Below are 4 main Iranian holidays dates:

Index Event Date Remarks
1 Nowruz 21-24 March Persian New Year Holiday
2 Two contemporary historical events 4 & 5 June The demise of Imam Khomeini and the 15  Khordad National Uprising
3 Eid-al Fitr 12 & 13 March 2024;

2 & 3 March 2025

Ramadan Holiday
4 Muharram 16 & 17 July 2024 Ashura & Tasu’a Religious Holiday


Train Journey in Iran in Busiet traveling time

Important Note: Persian New Year or Nowruz is remarked 4 days national holidays in the above table but local travelers spending two weeks for their trip. It starts on the 20th of March (1st of Farvardin) and continues for about 2 weeks till the first of April (13th of Farvardin), which is the day Called Sizdah Bedar. If you would like to have the Best Iran Tour and holiday, try to finish your vacation before 15 March or start it on April.

To have updated the Iranian calendar,  please check Time and Date website.


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