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Iran is a mountainous country with great ski resorts. Skiing is a special winter sport here with its own fans. In the north of the capital city of Tehran there is a Tochal ski piste which is in the high mountain of Tochal with 3964m altitude. In the north of Tehran province in the Central Alborz Mountains there are three other main Iran Ski areas which were opened before Iran’s revolution. Dizin is one of these ski resorts and its is 80 km away from Tehran capital in heart of Alborz Mountains. Dizin its the biggest and main Iran Ski piste. Dizin’s weather condition offers the longest period for skiing, normally starting in mid-December and ending in late March.

There are two other fantastic ski resorts called Darband Sar and Shemshak close by Dizin in the north of Tehran located in Alborz Ski Region. It is only 60 km from Tehran downtown to Shemshak and Darbandsar Ski pistes and driving time is about 2 hours through mountainous roads at high altitude. The resort has a reputation for powdery snow, high altitude (one of the world’s 40 highest ski centres) and north facing slopes. Average snowfall is 1.5 metre (5 feet) at the base but doubles on the upper slopes.

Shemshak village could be the best place to have access to those three ski areas which has a hotel, lodge and private houses. Depending on your interest and level of skiing, you can choose any one of them for skiing during your trip. The altitude of the village is around 2700 m above sea level. These ski resorts are above the village and you have to reach them on foot.

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