Video Story: Ultra Trail Mount Damavand

Ultra Trail Mount Damavand


The video is made of the highlights of our two races in the Junes of 2017 and 2018 . The race was an ultra-trail running through Iran’s famous national park of Lar towards Damavand Mountain which is the highest peak in Iran.

Lar is a protected area located in the south west of Damavand and it’s managed by Iran Environmental Organization and needs a permit for entering.

It was an international race and people joined us from different countries. The trip starts from Tehran and finishes in Tehran as well. The group slept one night inside the park and a night in the Damavand shelter in the base camp which is located at the south face of Damavand nearby Polour village.

It was a combination of running and adventuring in Iran during a three days race. The runners carried a small bag with all of their requirements for the three days and with crossing Lar reveres, passing through the nomadic region of the valley and seeing the local with goats and sheep, hiking in a canyon, sleeping in the nature in the park and the spectacular view of Mt Damavand they were very pleased by the whole thing.

We had a big crew to handle and support this event and we have actually created a special website for this event and for more information about our future races please check this link

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