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Iranian Ancient holidays versus the Muslim holidays

Iran has 22 days of official national holidays which are marked in our Shamshi calendar and more unofficial holidays that most domestic travelers use for their holiday time. Some of the occasions date back to Ancient Persia to the Zoroastrian important events such as Persian New Year (Nowrooz) while many of them are related to the religious holidays which are mostly used in Shiite Muslim countries. Some also commemorate contemporary historical events. The ancient Iranian holidays are fixed every year on the Persian calendar because they are considered on the Solar Hijri calendarShamsi Calendar” with 365 days. So you could mark it on your calendar “Gregorian calendar” as a fixed date for Iran’s holiday.

Iranian Calendar- Persian

But the Muslim religious holidays of Iran do not have a fixed date in the Persian Calendar. Because those dates sets on the Lunar calendar which is mostly used in the Islamic Shia countries. The number of days on this calendar is between 354 to 355 days. This makes about a 10-11 days difference to our Persian calendar. So the national religious holidays of Iran move forward between 10-11 days every year and it makes it complicated for those who would like to travel to Iran or for travel agencies, tour operators, and other companies who work with Iran.

Below is the list of Iranian Public holidays and some details:

Index Event Days Local Name Remarks Type of Calendar
1 Persian New Year 4 Nowruz Celebrating Iranian Ancient New Year Solar
2 Nature Day 1 Sizdah Be-dar Celebrating the rebirth of nature after Nowruz Solar
3 Islamic Revolution Day 1 Dahe-ye Fajr (celebrating Iran’s Islamic revolution for 10 days) contemporary historical events Solar
4 The demise of Imam Khomeini 1 Rehlat-e Eman contemporary historical events Solar
5 15  Khordad National Uprising 1 Qiam-e Panzdah-e Khordad contemporary historical events Solar
6 Islamic Republic Day 1 Ruz-e Jomhuri Eslami contemporary historical events Solar
7 Oil Nationalization Day 1 Ruz-e Melli Shodan-e Sna’at-e Naft contemporary historical events Solar
8 Muharram 2 Tasua & Ashura Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
9 Arbaʽeen 1   Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
10 Ramadan Holiday
2 Eid-e Fetr Islamic holiday Lunar
11 Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima 1 Ayyam-e Fatemiyah Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
12 Birthday of Imam Ali 1 Ruz-e Pedar (Father’s Day) Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
13 Eid-e Mab’as 1 Celebrating the day on which prophet was selected by God as his messenger Islamic holiday Lunar
14 The demise of Prophet Muhammad and the Martyrdom of Imam Hassan 1   Islamic and Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
15 Birthday of Imam Mahdi 1 Nime-ye Sha’ban Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
16 Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq 1   Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
17 Eid al-Adha 1 Eid-e Qurban Islamic holiday Lunar
18 Eid al-Ghadir 1   Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
19 Martyrdom of Imam Reza 1 Shahadat-e Imam Reza Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
20 Birthday of the Prophet and Imam Sadegh 1   Islamic and Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar
21 Martyrdem of Imam Hassan Askari 1 Shahadat-e Emam Askari Shiite Muslim holiday Lunar


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If you pay attention to some of the above holidays, a few of them, shown in” red”, are two or more continuous days like the Persian New Year holiday which is a long public holiday. These concurrent holidays in many cases impact the trip of tourists who travel to Iran, which we have discussed in another post of “Busy days of Iranian travelers “.

For getting update information about the exact holiday days of each year please check Time and Date website.

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