Mount Kolon Bastak
Shemshak Darbandsar villages

Mount Kolon Bastak

Northern Tehran has countless mountains above 4000 m. which are geographically located in central Alborz mountains.  Mount Kolon Bastak is one of the highest summits in the region with an altitude of 4170 m. above sea level.  The closest village to this summit is Shemshak being 40 km north of Tehran and 60 km from central Tehran.  It is the most convenient place to choose for spending the night before your climb. Shemshak village has a 2700 m altitude above sea level.  It is famous for being one of the first ski resorts in Iran which opened in 1958.  It is the third largest ski area after Dizin and Darbandsar.

Mt. Kolon Bastak is an excellent choice for acclimatization before ascending Mt Damavand (5610m) and Alamkuh (4850m), as it is near Tehran city and is not a technical peak. No particular gear or special equipment is needed to ascend the peak in mid-spring, summer and autumn. You can drive up to 3400 m to the base of the mountain, the starting point of the trek. From the peak, you can continue the trek through the ridge towards east and then ascend Sarak Chal mountain (4210m).

The view of Mount KolonBastak – Sarakchal ridge in winter from Sixhal Peak in Dizin Ski Resort



There is a renowned mountain trail called Kolon Basatak-Sarak Chal ridge line, another trekking route for experienced hikers who would appreciate having a real challenge.

The season starts from mid-spring and finishes at the beginning of autumn. In summertime the weather is more stable at the peak making it suitable for all categories of hikers. Kolon Bastak Mountain Ascent (4156 m) is one of the most popular tours that most hikers will benefit from. Mt. Kolon Bastak to Mt. Sarak Chal ridgeline trek is one of Adventure Iran’s special offers for those of you who are well-fitted out and prepared to have acclimatization and a challenging ascent.


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