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Iran is a vast country with different weather conditions on every corner. Some areas are desert and dry, some humid and mild, and others are mountainous. The two mountains of Alborz and Zagros, with their high peaks, are covered with snow most of the year. This weather is perfect for those who are passionate about skiing. Ski resorts in Iran host a large number of ski enthusiasts each year, which come from different cities, as well as different countries. Here is a brief introduction to some of Iran’s ski resorts.


Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal complex, located in the north of Tehran city, consists of many recreational and sports facilities. This piste is open for at least 7 months of the year depending on the snow (Tochal is one of the last resorts to be closed in Tehran). It is situated near the summit about 3800m to 1900m. The piste is equipped with a gondola for reaching the middle of the mountain (station No.5) and another one for reaching the summit (station No.7). Then, you can ski from the summit. There are 2 chairlifts and 1 ski lift in the resort. There used to be another piste on the other side facing Tehran city that is now closed.


One of the advantages of this resort is the Tochal Hotel near the summit in 3500m alleviation. It is perfect for a ski holiday with a restaurant and easy access to the resort.


Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar ski resort, located in Tehran province, is one of the largest ski resorts in Iran. Equipped with a snowmaking machine, the quality of the snow is almost good and it is one of the best ski areas for some maneuvers and actions. It has also hosted international ski competitions several times. This ski resort has a gondola lift, 2 chairlifts, a restaurant, and a ski school. This area is situated between elevations of about 2600 and 3500 meters. You need to reach the summit with a gondola or a chairlift. You can also enjoy skiing at night in this resort.


Abali Ski Resort

Abali is the oldest ski resort in Iran, located in Tehran province. It is equipped with several gondola lifts and surface lifts. In this complex, there are other amenities such as tennis courts, horseback riding, kite jumping, hotels, restaurants, and medical assistance. Back in the day, numerous ski competitions were taken place in this resort including some international ones. It has a piste for grass skiing and a piste dedicated to training.


Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak International Ski Resort is one of the two main destinations for ski lovers in Tehran and Iran. This resort is one of the international ski resorts with 2 ski lifts and 3 chairlifts. The floodlights have made it possible for those who are interested in night skiing to enjoy it better. Shemshak night ski resort has had its own special fans for many years and it is usually as busy as the day shift. It is accessible from the bottom, just like Darbandsar, and has a restaurant in the middle and at the summit.


Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is the biggest ski resort in Iran and is one of the highest and the most diversified ones too. This high-quality piste is perfect for skilled skiers to enjoy a winter holiday in Iran. It has served as the perfect ground for international ski events in Iran for many years and has a grass skiing piste as well. It has 9 ski lifts, 3 chairlifts, and 4 gondolas and is accessible in two main ways. The first way is by Velayat Rud village. You will reach parking area No.1 and then reach the middle of the summit by gondola and chairlifts. You can also reach there from Shemshak road in Tehran. You can reach parking area No.2 which is near the summit and then you can ski down or use a gondola. In the middle, there is a restaurant too. The resort offers numerous off-pistes trails with a perfect view of Mount Damavand.

Dizin Ski resort Piste Map


Alborz Ski Region


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