Jahan Nama
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Jahan Nama Protected Area

A small village of Jahan Nama by the Caspian Sea gave the name to the vast Jahan Nama  Protected Area in the Golestan Province in Iran. With rich wildlife, including wild sheep and goats, wolfs, panthers, bears, weasels, owls, eagles, cuckoos, woodpeckers, and porcupines, Jahan Nama is also famous for its variety of plants and trees, including barberry, Sorkhdar, Kolah-e Mir Hassan, Bolandmaza Namdar, Borage Cowslip, Ras, Darmaneh, and many others.


During the studies performed here between 1999 and 2008, 1,350 species were identified, including 607 vascular plant species from 85 families. There are also many seasonal birds in the park and a lot of rivers and springs. The highlands of Jahannama are the most suitable habitats for various hunting birds such as the golden eagles, as well as large partridges.

Jahan Nama Park, with an area of about 38 ha, is the largest protected area in Mazandaran province, after Golestan National Park. It is part of the Hyrcanian forests (UNESCO), which are among the oldest forests in the world.


The beauties and attractions of the Jahan Nama region are not only limited to its rich flora and fauna and intact nature. The 35-meter Radkan Tower, also known as Mil Radkan, is one of the main historical attractions in this area. It is a cylindrical brick tower dating back to the 13th century. Ziarat Waterfall is another natural attraction in the northeast of the region, located about 5km from Ziarat Village. The village is one of the most beautiful tourist villages in Iran.

The pristine nature of the park makes it an ideal hiking destination and we, at Adventure Iran, have created a long hiking trail, which starts south of the Great Gorgan Wall and stretches all the way to the Jahan Nama National Park.

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