Iran Cycling Information

Iran Cycling Information

Cycling is one of the most attractive adventure activities in the country. Adventure Iran was the first tour operator in the country that created a lot of short and long routes for international riders in different regions of Iran. We have run Mountain Biking tours(MTB) in the most interesting regions of the country, ranging from the Caspian Sea coast in the north, through various cycling routes in the center of the country; all the way south around the vast coastal locations in the Persian Gulf.  These trips range from single day cycling on trails in the foothills of the Alborz range immediately to the north of the Capital; all the way to one month cycling expeditions covering the entire length of the country. The terrain could include trails, dirt roads, gravel roads and even quiet back country paved roads. All trips are with Mountain Bikes.
We offer different physical rating cycling trips from Easy level for beginners which is similar to road cycling but in an interesting area away from busy roads; up to strenuous cycling in the high mountains on single track roads. Every month we offer trips to different regions according to the best weather conditions. We therefore can offer all year cycling tours.

Cycling regions of Iran

Iran with 1,648, 195 km² (636,000 sq. mi) is the 17th largest country in the world with a lot of mountains over 4000 meters, forests and large sized deserts. To get a better idea of the size of the country, the length from North West of Iran to the south east is around 2500 km. one has to go through several countries in Europe in order to cover similar distances. As Iran has a variety of climates and 4 proper seasons, we are able to offer an assortment of cycling trips to different regions any time of the year. These include a range of terrains and climatic conditions, going through large sized national parks and protected areas. Covering rivers, lakes, exotic villages in remote areas, oases in the desert, historical castles, caravanserai reminders from the Silk Road era and UNESCO world heritage sites. The combination of all of the above make Iran a unique destination and quite different than any other country in the Middle East.
A number of our cycling trips are combo tours which include visiting the main touristic destinations so that our guests can see the highlights of the famous locations of the country as well as having an unforgettable cycling adventure.


Best season suitable for cycling tours

Because of the size of the country and variety of terrain, at any given time of year there is considerable difference in temperature reading depending on the location. We have very cold winters in the north.  In some high altitudes the temperature can dip to -30° C. For example, Mt Damavand or Alam Kooh could easily get to these low temperatures. In the summer, temperatures soar to extreme highs especially in south of Iran where a location in Lut desert (Gandon Beryan) has had temperature reading of 70.7 °C (159.3°F), the hottest place on the planet in 2005. There is a huge variety between these extremes. So every month in every corner of the country there are suitable routes. Depending on the type of road (paved, dirt or single track) and type of terrain i.e. mountains, desert regions, coastal areas, or islands; the appropriate ideal time differs. For example, if you strictly prefer mountain biking in regions above 3000 meters on single trail and dirt roads, best time is during the summer. Cycling in desert regions, early spring and late autumn is ideal season for Dasht-e Kavir Desert, and winter is best for cycling in Dasht-e Lut desert. Winter is an excellent time for cycling in the south of Iran on the coastal roads and trails of the Persian Gulf. If you want to combine your cycling trips with a cultural journey, the ideal time is either April-May or October-November.
We have created many innovative trips since we are the leader in the field. An example is a combination mountain, desert trip done in May and October of each year. MTB East of Alborz and Central Desert
For details on all our tours please check Trip Details on our site.

North Tehran Mountain Biking Tour

Shemshak, Dizin and Darbandsar MTB

A flexible and seasonal MTB tour in northern Tehran in Central Alborz Mountain around Shemshak, Dizin, and Darbandsar Ski Resort
3 Days
Biking Iran

Explore highlights of Iran by Bicycle

Cycling from Shiraz towards the Caspian Sea through mountains and deserts and visiting Iran’s most popular UNESCO sites
16 Days
Mountain Biking Iran Tour

Coast to Coast through Dena Mountain by Bicycle

A summer holiday Iran cycling tour from Persian Gulf towards the Caspian Sea and visiting the main highlights of Iran
21 Days
Iran Mountain Biking

Lavasan Cycling Self Guided Tour

Visiting the main Iran tourist cities and the UNESCO sites by Persian food tour TOUR CODE 140-STN-BIK START Tehran FINISH
2 Days

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