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Mesr Oasis, Central desert of Iran
Desert trekking tour in Central Desert of Iran - Mesr & Farahzad oasis by Adventure Iran
Talesh Valley
Local People, Talesh, North West of Iran, Alborz Mountain Range
Perspolis -Shiraz
Perspolis -Shiraz
Shemshak Ski Resort
Shemshak Ski Resort, Central Alborz Mountain Range
Ski Mountaineering
Ski Mountaineering in Mt.Damavand
Takhteh Aroos, Central Desert of Iran
Adventure Iran desert trekking tour, Takhteh Aroos, Central Desert of Iran
Trekking around Mt.Damavand

• An Epic passage Through Iran's Central Desert following part of the historical "silk road" • Following a Camel Caravan • Thorough Cultural, Architectural and historical tour of Iran's quintessential desert city of Yazd

Duration: 12 Days
Status: Available
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A very special journey through the depth and breadth of Alborz range, and through a fascinating slice of Persian history. This is a memorable trip not only because of its physical beauty and the variety of landscape encountered, but also because we cross paths with history and myth some of which have acquired world renown. This is a voyage through a region that was the territory of Ismaelies and the famous Hassan Sabbah and his infamous Alamoot Castle. The castle and quite a few other fortifications belonged to the Hashashin or what in the west is more commonly known as the Assassins. Our trek follows millennia old routes that have been established by humans which their origins are lost in the fog of time. More recently our journey was made famous by a British lady who came to these parts about one hundred years ago in search of the valley of the assassins and wrote a book about her adventures. Her name is Freya Stark and her book is available in English. The history of Alamoot Castle and this particular sect of Ismaelies go back to about 1000 years ago. They were able to build numerous castles and outposts throughout the mountains and maintain an independent life style away from any central power. They lasted till the Mongol invasion of Persia about 300 years later during 14th century A.D. Their history is long and quite complex, during the trip we will have a chance to give more information and provide the chance to closely examine some of the physical remains of their structures. There are a lot of highlights so we have added a few more than what are offered in our highlights section: • Exceptional Trekking route through spectacular mountain scenery. • We will visit 3 of the Hashaashin Castle/Forts: They are called Alamoot Arjaan and Lam-bessar. • We will go through several old and historical villages still inhabited. • You will get to see several Caravanserais dating from the 16th Century in various states of disrepair and/or under construction. • Will cross 2 vast valleys called Alamoot and the valley of 2000 • Camping in the Alam-Kooh basin which is quite spectacular. Air fare, airport taxes, gratuities, items of personal nature

Duration: 8 Days
Trip Code: IN-TRK-18
Status: Available
30 ~ 2014/06/11
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With 530 different species one of the greatest country for birding.

Duration: 8 Days
Trip Code: BP001
Status: Available
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The main intention of course is to climb the mountain. But we have designed the trip to be not strictly a mountaineering expedition but a combination of seeing the area, enjoying the hot springs and taking our time to climb the mountain. There are no specialized skills required and we have planned it in such way so that nothing is rushed and the climb will be done in a fairly leisurely and paced manner.

Duration: 7 Days
Trip Code: IN-TRK-09
Status: Available
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A remarkable journey through Iran’s central desert. The chosen route is part of the ancient Silk Road that was in more or less continuous usage for about 2000 years before modern transportation put an end to it.
You can see the spectacular amazing view of time on the desert with millions of stars.
The tour will start from Ateshooni and will finish there.

Duration: 5 Days
Trip Code: INC-05-DES-115
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A strenuous but enjoyable climb up the Asia’s highest volcano. Hot and cold springs, wildlife, frozen water fall and a nice mineral bath for rejuvenation after a memorable climb.

Duration: 4 Days
Trip Code: INC-04-MNT-101
Status: Available
30 ~ 2014/09/27
26 ~ 2014/09/23
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