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South West of Iran

The video is about a special expedition journey to south west of Iran with Adventure Iran colleagues who came from France. They had two intensive weeks starting from the capital and after having cooking classes in Tehran, took a first class night train to Shiraz. Our guests have been to Iran before and they explored Iran Classic destinations, So on this trip they visited some unexplored parts of Shiraz and had another cooking class to learn Shirazian Traditional foods.

Andimeshk station Iran train tour
Model train in front of the Andimeshk train station


From there they continued their journey towards Bishapur which was an ancient city in Sassanid Persia and the Ruins of Shapour Palace. The ruins and the site were registered on the list of UNESCO sites in 2018, and then continued towards Bushehr which is one of the unreachable Off the Beaten Tracks in Iran and spent a couple of nights there.

The fish market, old Bazaar and historical part of the town with exceptional architecture are the most attractive parts of the city that needed to be visited. They continued the trip through the coastal road towards the west and visited a lot of attractions on their way to Genaveh.


The amazing view of the Persian Gulf, the date trees and Siraaf town (Iran’s historical sea port) were some of the places they saw. In Genaveh they had a boat trip through the sea port and saw a couple of old boats which were for fishing and the old fresh market is one of the must see in this region. They also had an unforgettable trek through a canyon near the beach which was superb as it had an amazing view of the sunset on the Persian Gulf. With a night bus towards Ahvaz and a short ride they reached Shooshtar which is famous for its Historical Hydraulic System and it was UNESCO registered in 2008.


From there they continued the journey towards Chogha Zanbil which is the first Iranian UNESCO site registered in 1979 and continued towards Shush to visit Susa which is another UNESCO site of Iran registered in 2015 and visited the tomb of prophet Daniel Nabi which is in Shush city.


Then they traveled to Dezful city and visited the famous Ground Bazaar and historical part of the town. Also Karkheh river and a historical bridge are the other sights of this unknown city.


From there they went to Andimeshk town and got the famous train line towards Dorood and then Tehran. They slept the night in the train and went to a live concert of some young musicians in Tehran and at the end of the journey visited the famous Iranian Ski region of Alborz and Dizin Piste. Hope you enjoy the video and if you like it subscribe to our channel to see more of the beauty of our country.




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Southwestern Iran Journey

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A Journey to the South West of Iran

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(Different regions in southwestern Iran)


Andimeshk – Khozestan Province

Andimeshk-Dorud Railway

Bushehr city- Bushehr Province

Daniel Nabi Tomb, Shush town, Khozestan Province

Dezful, Khozestan Province

Persian Gulf Coast

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System -UNESCO World Heritage Site

Siraaf ancient Port- Persian Gulf

Susa, Khozestan




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