Video Story: Cycling from Shiraz to Tehran – 2nd Trip

Cycling from Shiraz to Tehran

2nd Trip

This video is another video of our famous cycling trip from Shiraz to Tehran. The first video you may see in our channel is created in spring, and this trip was performed in October. So we face different climates and weather. The group was made of German speakers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany and they were first timers in Iran. So they did Iran Classical destinations on their cycling trip to Iran as well.

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Visiting the main highlights of Iran by Bicycle

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Cycling from Shiraz city to the Caspian Sea through Alborz Mountains and Dasht-e Kavir desert by mountain bikes
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Cycle from Shiraz to Yazd, Esfahan, Kashan and Tehran through mountains and visit cultural and historical and rural sites
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Cycling from Shiraz to Tehran, Iran
Cycling from Shiraz to Tehran


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