Video Story: Mountain Biking in Lavasan

Mountain Biking in Lavasan

This video is made of the highlights of a mountain biking tour in Lavasan that we did for a group of professional cyclists from Slovenia. They arrived in the June of 2019 as it is in the middle of summer, it’s the best time to ascend the mountains. They even brought their own bikes to ascend Mt Damavand (5610m), Iran’s highest mountain.

Beside MT. Damavand, we prepared another MTB trip for them for a much exciting and adventurous mountain biking experience in Iran. They started their trip from Adventure Iran’s office in Lavasan by bicycle and ascended one of the mountains around the city. From there they had a single track MTB through a canyon and forest and a stop by Latian lake. the trip came to an end with them returning to our office.

Lavasan city is the center of Lavasanat which is something of a suburb for Tehran, it is located in the north east of Tehran province with an average altitude of 1700m. It’s located in a huge valley and now it’s one of the most famous cities in the country with plenty of mountains. It’s located in the central Alborz Mountains. plenty of villages surround the city.

The southern part of central Alborz mountains has a bunch of high mountains like Mt. Kholeno, Mt Sarakchal, Mt Kolon Bastak and Mt Kharsang, that create a famous river called Jajrood. The end of this river reaches Lavasan and has made a lake called Latian in the southern part of the city.  Also there is a dam with the same name “Latian dam” located in the south east of Lavasan, which you can see in most parts of the video.

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Mountain Biking in Lavasan

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