Lavasan City

Lavasan City in Northeast Tehran

Lavasan is a gorgeous town and the center of the Lavasanat district in Shemiranat county in the province of Tehran. Located 11 km northeast of the capital, it is the closest summer resort to Tehran city. In colloquial terms, this town is called Lavasoon. Lavasan means the ridge of sunrise or the ridge of the mountain from which the sun rises. The town of Lavasan is surrounded in the north by the mountains of Varjin, Baghdereh, Kand, and Afjeh, in the west by the Qasran Mountains, and in the northeast and east by the mountains of Ira, Phil Zamin, Lavasankooh, and Jajrud, and in the south by the mountains of Telo, Quchak, Zinkooh, and Arakooh.


Lavasan is a summer valley with a pleasant climate on the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains, which is famous for its pristine and beautiful landscapes, the Jajrud River, and the beautiful lake of Latian Dam. Latian Dam is located in the south of Lavasan, which went into operation in 1967. This concrete dam has an important role in providing water and electricity for Tehran. The name of this dam was Farahnaz before the revolution. Jajrud River, which originates from the heights of Darbandsar, Garmabdar, Igal, Zaygan, and the southern parts of Tochal (part of the Central Alborz Mountains), is the main catchment area of the dam.


The unspoiled landscapes around this town depict nature as amazing as possible in all four seasons of the year. In addition, Lavasan town is known to be not only one of the safest cities in the world but also the first fashionable city in Iran. Lavasan has such good facilities and lifestyle in some areas that it is known as Switzerland or the Beverly Hills of Iran. This town is home to many wealthy families and celebrities who prefer to live a more peaceful life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Part of the Varjin Protected Area that is located close to this town is home to a large number of animals and birds, such as Central Alborz rams, ewes, goats, leopards, wolves, brown bears, hogs, vultures, golden eagles, sparrow hawks, quails, small owls and the horned owls, partridges, etc. To enter this area, it is necessary to obtain a prior permit from the Department of Environment of Iran. This is to prevent any inconsistencies.  It is vital to preserve the peacefulness of the area and ensure optimal use of its natural resources. 

Due to its location in the northern mountainous region of Tehran province and the Alborz highlands, this town has a semi-humid and humid climate with long and cold winters, so that the average temperature in the coldest month of the year can reach lower than -15 degrees Celsius. The climate of this town is generally influenced by geographical factors, especially ruggedness. Heavy snowfall and rain in most seasons of the year have created many springs, waterfalls, and rivers in the region. The snow level in some valleys, mountain crevices, and high peaks around Lavasan town in winter reached more than 20 meters and created glaciers that will remain until the next winter’s rain.

The pleasant climatic conditions in the vicinity of the city of Tehran and exquisite landscapes have turned this region into a tourist and recreational attraction so that millions of tourists enter this town during the holidays. In the field of skiing and ice climbing, there are some ski resorts near Lavasan including Shemshak, Dizin, and Darbandsar, as well as Kūh-e Ham Lūn, which are suitable for skiing and ice skating. As Lavasan is a mountainous area, visitors can also go mountain hiking and mountain biking and enjoy a breath-taking view with very fresh air.

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