Mount Sarak Chal
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Mount Sarak Chal in Iran

Mount Sarak Chal (or Sarakchal) is one of the highest summits in the central Alborz Mountains in Iran, at 4210m above sea level. There are three Sarak Chal peaks which are located on the famous Kolon Bastak-Sarak Chal mountain ridge line. All three mountains are above 4000 m. The closest village to this mountain is Shemshak, the last one on the famous mountainous road of Tehran-Fasham.  It is 60 km away from downtown Tehran.

As a matter of interest, one of the most notable ski resorts in Iran for professional skiers is in Shemshak village. The altitude of the village is about 2700 m above sea level, which is the starting point of the trek to Sarak Chal peak. There is a shelter at 3492 m on the way to the peak, which is convenient as it is also the ideal location for acclimatization.

There is a 15 km famous ridgeline above Shemshak village from west to east, which starts from Mount Koloon Bastak (4170m) in the west and ends at Mount Sarak Chal 3 (4210m) in the east. Between these two mountains, there are the two peaks of Sarak Chal 1 (4080m) and Sarak Chal 2 (4100m), making this ridgeline very challenging.


From the peak, you have an excellent view of the immense Central Alborz mountains.  In clear weather, you can see most of them, such as the Abak (3520m), Kholeno (4387m), Azadkuh (4350m), and Borj (4326m) mountains as well as the mighty Damavand (5610m), the roof of Iran. The season runs from mid-spring till the beginning of autumn.  Summertime is the most popular period for ascending the mountain, as the weather is more stable for trekking.

Mount Sarak Chal Ascend is the shortest hiking tour that we offer for this mountain. Hike in Iran – Off the Beaten Track is another special one-week hiking tour, also passing by Sarak Chal mountain. On the Adventure Iran website, we have many other challenging and entirely satisfying mountaineering tours for crossing these peaks.




Off the Beatan Track

Hiking in Shemshak & Alborz Ski region

Iran Hiking Tour

MT Kolon Bastak to Sarak Chal ridgline Trek

Climb to several peaks above 4000 m in Central Alborz Mts and crossing 15 km challenging trail on the mountain
2 Days
Trekking Iran Tour

Mount Sarakchal Ascend

A two-days trip starts from Tehran to stay in high village of Shemshak and climb Mt Sarakchal (4,210m) with the
2 Days
Shemshak Spring view Iran

Shemshak wall and Abak Mountain

A moderate hiking trip in central Alborz mountains in one of the main ski regions of Iran in the north
2 Days


Shemshak & Abak Mountain

Winter Ascend


Darbandsar Trek

Summer Ascend


Shemshak village


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